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BCause Overview

BCause is our employee engagement and social impact initiative to drive change and maximize our impact around the world.

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In 2014, we announced BCAUSE—a collaborative effort across our employee engagement and social impact groups to achieve greater impact for our employees, our partners and our communities. The world is increasingly interconnected and transparent—values that have defined Bloomberg from day one. We have always believed in making connections—connecting investors to better data, connecting users to the Terminal, connecting markets around the world.

Philanthropy & Engagement

Giving back has always been an integral part of who we are, inspired and led by our founder, Michael Bloomberg. Our philanthropic initiatives bring together employees from across the company for service activities in local communities to assist neighbors in need, to foster stewardship in the cities around the world where we operate and to inspire the next generation of leaders through a range of mentoring and education initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

Bloomberg’s diversity & inclusion efforts instill critical principles and behaviors into the company’s culture, systems and policies. The Diversity & Inclusion team is broadening the experience of inclusion for all employees, so that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and successful. Focusing on recruitment, retention, development and advancement, diversity & inclusion is wholly integrated into the company’s talent strategy.


Bloomberg is committed to the well-being of employees and their families. We offer a comprehensive suite of programs and tools for employees to manage their health, with the aim of reducing risks and improving overall well-being. We have been able to develop a culture of resilient, engaged employees who can succeed in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

Sustainability & the Environment

At Bloomberg, we are always looking for innovative ways to operate more efficiently, simultaneously improving our financial and environmental performance while disproving the myth that sustainability comes with a cost. More important, we are leveraging our unique role as the leading provider of data, news and analytics to the business and financial communities— increasing transparency and creating decision-useful information around sustainability risks and opportunities. This is good for us and our partners: customers, employees, vendors and the communities in which we work and live. It is just good business.

Read Our Case Study: 35 Years of Bloomberg


Case Study: 35 Years of Bloomberg

October 1, 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of Bloomberg L.P. helping to revolutionize the financial industry and bring transparency to the financial markets — making them more fair, efficient and dynamic, a spirit we have carried into our philanthropic work.

We believe Bloomberg’s diverse workforce and open culture have always been essential to innovation and the key to our success. Our philanthropic efforts since day one have been focused on strengthening and enriching the communities in which we live and work. Some of our earliest partners include Publicolor, Room to Read, Tate Modern and Doctors Without Borders, a diverse group of organizations whose work has changed lives, touched millions and created a lasting impact for generations around the world. Our employees have been the catalyst and driving force behind these efforts, which have enriched us as a company, making us the dynamic, energetic and culturally rich place we are today.

This page offers a snapshot of some innovations we have made at the company and the impact we have had on the greater world over the last 35 years.


Merrill Lynch becomes the first Bloomberg customer, with 22 terminals installed.

Today we have 325,000 Bloomberg Professional® service subscriptions.


Bloomberg opens its first international office in London, followed by Tokyo four months later.

Today, Bloomberg has employees in 192 locations around the world. 32% of employees sit in LEED certified office space.


This provides the Bloomberg Professional® service on laptop computers for the first time.

Initially as a six-person team.

more than 5,000 stories are now published each day


The original social network connecting decision makers to a dynamic network.


The first fully digital station devoted to business, finance, and the economy.


The only 24-hour business and financial news channel.


Best of Bloomberg launches.

Mike Bloomberg and Bloomberg employees join Publicolor for the first Best of Bloomberg (BOB) volunteer project. Volunteers, students and staff painted the walls of Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn.

In 2016, more than 11,000 employees dedicated over 128,000 hours of volunteer service in 74 cities around the world.


The service was introduced, providing subscribers biometrically secure access to the Bloomberg Professional® service via the Internet anytime, anywhere.


731 Lexington Avenue, New York


The Bloomberg iPhone app is the first to offer global market data coverage and was available the day the Apple App Store opened.

Awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

Chosen to conduct the first-ever auction of UK Carbon Allowances for Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Systems.


Bloomberg LP acquires Businessweek, renames it Bloomberg Businessweek, and integrates the magazine’s content into the Bloomberg Professional service.

BNEF providing unique analysis, tools, and data to decision makers, driving change in the energy system.


Every year, Tradebook and the financial community supports those in need by dotnating trading commissions to a variety of Bloomberg-supported charities; it is now known as Tradebook Charity Day.

over $5 Million raised since its inception


This program establishes initiatives, communities (employee resource groups) and partnerships that help build an inclusive work environment.


In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we launched the Bloomberg Startup Scholarship program. In partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies College Access and Success program, this initiative will provide scholarships to enable 35 high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students from around the world access to top universities.

Philanthropy & Engagement

Local Action, Global Reach


Giving back is an integral part of Bloomberg’s culture. Our philanthropic initiatives engage employees globally in service activities focused in five key areas where we believe we can achieve the greatest good.

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GRI: 413-1

Bloomberg’s Philanthropy & Engagement program builds on the long-standing philanthropic and service-focused commitment established at the company by founder Mike Bloomberg. Our philanthropic initiatives engage employees from across the company in service activities in local communities, assisting neighbors in need, fostering environmental stewardship in cities where we have offices and inspiring the next generation of leaders through a range of mentoring and education initiatives as part of Bloomberg Startup. Our work advances the company’s core values of diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and wellness.

As our workforce continued to grow—nearly 20% over the past 5 years—so did our employees’ commitment to giving back in the local communities where we live and work.

The mission of Bloomberg Philanthropies—which encompasses all of Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic activities, including his foundation, corporate, and personal giving—is “to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.” The company’s Philanthropy & Engagement program supports causes and efforts where we believe the greatest good can be achieved to advance this goal.

Our volunteer engagement programs are global, with key hubs of activity in New York, London, Princeton, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., São Paulo, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. In 2016, more than 11,000 employees dedicated 128,739 hours of volunteer service in 74 cities around the world.

Learn more about Bloomberg’s history and our long-term philanthropic partners.

Learn more about our global impact with our partners.

Philanthropy & Engagement

Arts & Culture

Bloomberg works to advance creativity, innovation, access and new technologies in the arts. We provide vital support to cultural organizations in 44 cities globally.

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Bloomberg works to advance creativity, innovation, access, and new technologies in the arts. We have corporate memberships at more than 250 arts and cultural organizations in 44 cities globally giving employees access to unique works of art. By funding innovative apps and guides at cultural institutions through Bloomberg Connects, the Bloomberg Philanthropies art program works to increase access to culture and strengthen arts organizations around the world. In 2016, hundreds of our employees volunteered with our arts partners, including Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse’s Curtain Call in London, MoMA PS1’s Rockaway! in Queens, the 32nd Annual São Paulo Biennal and the Public Art Fund’s Lost Man Creek by Spencer Finch in Brooklyn, as well as the testing and rollout of new Bloomberg Connects apps at the Tate Modern and SFMoma.

Bloomberg employee volunteers at MoMA PS1’s Rockaway! sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies in New York. By funding innovative apps and guides at cultural institutions through Bloomberg Connects, the Bloomberg Philanthropies arts program works to increase access to culture and strengthen arts organizations around the world.

Philanthropy & Engagement


Bloomberg is committed to providing access and opportunity for future generations of leaders through our signature education engagement program, Bloomberg Startup.

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Inspired by our company’s history as a startup and leveraging our employees’ unique skills and expertise, Bloomberg Startup is the company’s global mentoring program. Through Startup, we provide a range of activities led and designed by our employees in collaboration with our non- profit partners to support academic achievement and prepare students for further education and careers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics fields), as well as mentoring programs for mid-careers, entrepreneurs, teachers and veterans. Since its launch in 2014, Startup has grown to more than 3,500 employee mentors, with workshops now held in 23 cities including Cape Town, Lugano, Pune, San Francisco, Singapore and Washington, D.C. As part of our 35th anniversary, we launched a new Bloomberg Startup 35 Scholars program to provide access to higher education for 35 high-achieving, low-income students globally in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Students from IkamvaYouth visit the Cape Town office for a Startup mentoring session with employee volunteers in South Africa.


Philanthropy & Engagement

Health & Human Services

Bloomberg’s trademark of excellence in service for our customers extends to helping our neighbors in need and providing compassion by supporting the homeless, addressing food insecurity, and helping veterans and refugee communities as well as individuals impacted by natural disasters.

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From community soup kitchens and blood drives to supporting veterans and raising emergency relief funds, Bloomberg employees volunteer with organizations that strengthen communities in need and address humanitarian issues on both local and international levels throughout the year. In 2016, we expanded our outreach to veterans with partnerships, including Veterans Aid and the Bob Woodruff Foundation. More than 850 Bloomberg volunteers helped expand support for our homeless four-legged friends with partnerships with the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, RSCPA, SAVE Animal Shelter and the Singapore SPCA. To assist refugees around the world, Bloomberg employees took part in a language exchange program for refugees with our customers Deutsche Bank and nonprofit partner Uber Den Tellerrand in Germany. Our program also provided translation support for the Japan Association for Refugees in Tokyo and hosted job readiness workshops with the International Rescue Committee in New York. In the wake of natural disasters, Bloomberg employees raised $300,000 in support of the International Medical Corps, the American Red Cross and the Italian Red Cross in their important recovery and rebuilding efforts on the ground following devastating earthquakes in Japan, Ecuador and Italy, as well as in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and torrential flooding in Louisiana.

Employees work to combat social isolation by visiting senior citizens at Casa Ondina Lobo in Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

In 2016, the Bloomberg legal department teamed up with Philanthropy & Engagement to launch the department’s new Pro Bono volunteer program aimed at lending legal expertise to support underserved communities. In its pilot year, the program provided more than 1,400 hours of volunteer legal services for various organizations such as CUNY Citizenship NOW!, which provides immigration law services to eligible individuals and families on their path toward U.S. citizenship. Other program partners include Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, City Bar Justice Center‘s Veterans Assistance and Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Projects, and Relationship Coffee Institute.

Learn more about our partners working to provide humanitarian aid around the world.

Learn more about our partners that support our neighbors most in need.

Philanthropy & Engagement

Sustainability & the Environment

Bloomberg supports organizations dedicated to sustainable business practices, urban regeneration and environmental conservation.

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Bloomberg is committed to global sustainability and environmental conservation in the communities in which we live and work. In 2016, employees dedicated more than 8,000 hours of hands-on action supporting local greening and stewardship efforts in 21 cities around the world. With the adoption of local park areas such as Buckhill Meadow in Hyde Park with the Royal Parks Foundation, the dedication of a new boat, christened the Lotus Bloom, with the Anacostia Watershed Society and the cleanups of the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden in honor of its 200th anniversary, Bloomberg employees are doing their part to preserve and restore our local green spaces. Bloomberg has also taken a creative approach to recycling with our “Waste Not Want It” program, which provided a platform for some of Europe’s most dynamic designers to explore innovative ideas about recycling, sustainability and functional design. Thirty-seven artists and designers created more than 40 new installations for the London office from a variety of materials, including cable flexes, wooden pallets, keyboards and LCD screens.

Employees participate in local environmental stewardship projects with organizations such as Trees for Cities in London, England.

Philanthropy & Engagement

Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa is a pan-African program to build media capacity, convene international leaders and improve access to information in order to advance transparency, accountability and governance on the continent.

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GRI: G4-M7

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) brings together business and media leaders, academics and Bloomberg employees in News and Global Data to strengthen economic and financial reporting in Africa and to improve access to information on the continent. The initiative provides cross-disciplinary education programs and mid-career fellowships to increase the number of highly trained business and financial journalists and convenes pan-African forums to examine worldwide media best practices and support research to stimulate media innovations. Since its inception, 432 journalists, business and government professionals have been trained on the fundamentals of business reporting. Fourteen Bloomberg employees from across the continent have volunteered their time and talent to deliver financial journalism trainings and to conduct research in support of the program.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Difference That Difference Makes

Our culture values difference, fosters inclusion and promotes collaboration to drive superior business results.

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Bloomberg drives disruptive innovation and breakthrough performance by embracing and leveraging diversity in all its forms. We strive to create a culture that values difference, fosters inclusion and promotes collaboration to drive business results. We work across regions to ensure we are addressing local priorities that are consistent with local cultures. As Bloomberg’s global client base becomes increasingly diverse, our focus on diversity & inclusion will help us stay attuned and open to our clients’ rich and varied cultures, norms and business practices.

Diversity & Inclusion

Increasing Awareness & Education


Bloomberg is committed to developing inclusive leaders and integrating Diversity & Inclusion principles into all leadership development curricula.

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Bloomberg is committed to developing inclusive leaders and integrating diversity & inclusion principles into all leadership development curricula. We provide tools on how to minimize bias in the workplace and host educational sessions on being an authentic leader, managing across differences and executive presence. Our unconscious bias training is offered to all employees and mandatory for all our leaders. We leverage memberships to leading organizations such as the National Center for Women & Information Technology, Out Leadership and the Council of Urban Professionals, among others, thus helping our employees to deliver their best work.

We collaborate and learn from our strategic partners to drive innovation in the field and speed our joint success; and we invest in meaningful and impactful research.

In a major effort, Bloomberg successfully trained 99.2% of managers on Unconscious Bias in 2016.

As a global initiative from the Diversity & Inclusion team, Unconscious Bias courses were held in every region in offices from Tokyo to San Francisco, Frankfurt to Sāo Paulo along with interactive web-based sessions for those in extremely distant locations. Through interactive exercises and honest dialogue, leaders walked away with heightened awareness and tools for reducing the negative impact of their own unconscious biases, thus ultimately fostering a more inclusive work environment for all employees everywhere.

Diversity & Inclusion

Enhancing Organization Accountability

Every Bloomberg business unit implements a Diversity & Inclusion plan to foster innovation through creative ideas that support talent progression, product development and client relationships.

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Each of our businesses implements a Diversity & Inclusion plan whereby they foster innovation through creative ideas that support talent progression, product development and client relationships. For example, in media, Bloomberg TV launched “Walk the Talk”—branded segments focused on the pressure points of social change and the business imperative behind diversity and inclusion. Editorial launched Moderator Training for women across APAC, an initiative that raises the profile of our women leaders at conferences, events and summits and helps build Bloomberg brand ambassadors.

“Crossing the Thinnest Line” author Lauren Leader-Chivee discusses her book about diversity and inclusion in the U.S. She speaks with Scarlet Fu on “Walk the Talk,” on “Bloomberg Markets.”
Colombia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maria Emma Mejia discusses gender parity and advancing women at the intergovernmental body. She speaks with Scarlet Fu on “Walk the Talk,” on “Bloomberg Markets.”

We continue to make infrastructure modifications to improve comparability with text-to-speech software for users with disabilities. For example, in 2016, a cross-functional Bloomberg team worked with graduate students in a master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University in Human- Computer Interaction. This innovative program worked to better understand and accommodate Bloomberg Terminal users with disabilities. The students demoed their final creation, an app that conveyed financial information to users with visual impairments, to senior leadership and then launched the app online.

Bloomberg has an array of policies that help support our employees’ needs. We have changed our parental leave policy and enhanced the Bloomberg parent experience by offering parent and manager training, among other initiatives. Bloomberg continues to actively review other policies to ensure that they remain competitive and that Bloomberg is an employer of choice.

Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting an Inclusive Culture


Employees participate in various Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, including leadership conferences and mentoring programs.

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Employees participate in various Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, including leadership conferences and mentoring programs. In 2016, Bloomberg hosted more than 150 events focused on commercial impact, leadership development, recruiting and community engagement to facilitate dialogue and share research and thought leadership broadly. In our efforts to drive D&I principles and behaviors into all company processes, Bloomberg incorporated diversity and inclusion objectives into the performance evaluations of all people leaders in 2016.

Membership in Bloomberg Communities increased 23% from 2015 to 2016.

In recognition of our efforts, Bloomberg was named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality. We received a perfect score on the 2017 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to LGBT workplace equality administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Bloomberg’s Black Professionals Community was presented with The Crew Network Impact Award for their championing of diversity and inclusion initiatives in London. In Singapore, we won the the Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Award at the HRM Asia awards.

In recognition of our efforts, Bloomberg was named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality. We received a perfect score on the 2017 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to LGBT workplace equality administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.


Bloomberg’s Black Professionals Community was presented with The Crew Network Impact Award for their championing of diversity and inclusion initiatives in London. In Singapore, we won the Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Award at the HRM Asia awards.

Diversity & Inclusion

Attracting Diverse Talent

Bloomberg’s dedicated diversity recruiting team focuses on attracting and recruiting diverse talent.

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We are focused on building strong, diverse teams in which employees feel valued and engaged. Bloomberg partners with strategic diversity organizations globally to broaden and strengthen our talent pipeline at all levels. In an effort to enhance our talent pipeline, Bloomberg has invested in technology and new processes and has hosted and attended multiple events focused on diversity recruiting. To date, these efforts have resulted in more than 70,000 prospects.

The representation statistics are as of December 31, 2016. The gender statistics are global; the ethnicity statistics are U.S. only.

The representation statistics are as of December 31, 2016. The gender statistics are global; the ethnicity statistics are U.S. only.

In 2016, we leveraged our Community members to serve as cultural ambassadors in the Connector Program. Two hundred and seventy-nine interns were provided mentorship from Community members in New York, Princeton and London. The goal of this program is to provide interns with a robust internship experience that fosters personal and professional development.

Additionally, we focused on:

  • Adding new campus partnerships such as Morehouse, Spelman and Howard universities
  • Adding new external partnerships such as Emma Bowen, Forte, Prospanica, Jopwell and 100 Women in Finance, among others, that help lead to increases in diverse hiring across the U.S.
  • Enhancing our job description creation process to reduce bias and attract a more diverse candidate slate
  • Continuing to educate our recruiting professionals and hiring managers on best practices
  • Increasing diversity across entry-level programs through our mentoring partner organizations in the U.S. and U.K.

Benefits & Wellness

Comprehensive Benefits

Bloomberg offers benefits that go above and beyond to ensure our employees’ and their families’ health, wellbeing and financial security.

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GRI: 401-2

At Bloomberg, we expect our employees to go above and beyond to make their mark as we enter new markets, launch new ventures and push boundaries. In return, Bloomberg offers benefits that go above and beyond to ensure our employees, and their families’ health, well- being and financial security.

All full-time employees can take advantage of comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage, disability and life insurance, a retirement savings plan with a generous company match (including an ESG fund in the core U.S. lineup) and an array of complementary benefits, wellness programs and services. We remain focused on delivering competitive benefit programs in varied environments to attract, engage and retain employees, while controlling costs and improving operational efficiencies. Our supplemental benefits vary from region to region, based on the market, population and employee needs. In the U.S., Bloomberg offers several innovative benefits to provide convenient and cost-effective services to our employees, including telemedicine, a health advocacy service and additional voluntary benefits.

  • Telemedicine provides employees and their dependents 24/7 convenient access and cost- effective clinical health care. Using video, phone, emails and mobile apps, doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication for certain common ailments through this Telemedicine is particularly helpful for employees who don’t have access to an on-site health center (which are available in larger office locations), on nights and weekends and when traveling.
  • The health advocacy service assists employees and their family members in navigating health care and insurance For example, they can help our members find an in-network doctor and specialist, understand their medical bills—even negotiate on their behalf.
  • Voluntary benefits offer group savings and discounts to Bloomberg families for a range of insurance options such as legal services, auto and home insurance, pet insurance and more.

Bloomberg continually improves the enrollment process to provide employees an online environment to make benefit elections, update/view beneficiaries and review their benefits year- round—thus eliminating any paper enrollment.

Benefits & Wellness

Wellness & Family/Life Programs

Our suite of wellness programs focuses on healthy lifestyles and managing work/life demands.

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GRI: 401-2

Bloomberg provides a comprehensive suite of programs for employees and dependents to improve their health and well-being, reduce risks and manage work/family demands. Focusing on prevention, healthy lifestyles and positive mental health is important in managing health care costs and in creating a culture of resilient and engaged people. Health Track, our wellness incentive program for U.S. employees, provides recommendations about health and risks for chronic conditions and education to help employees harness the full power of their benefits. With the use of incentives, an average of 84.5% of U.S. employees completed the program between 2012 and 2016.


Employees formed teams to join our first global wellness challenge, Wander the Wonders, where every step advanced participants through a series of exotic locations to the finish line.

At Bloomberg, all employees globally have access to “core” wellness-related benefits, including an Employee Assistance Program that provides confidential counseling and work/life referrals, ergonomics training and assessments, lifestyle and preventive programs such as health   screenings, flu shots and smoking-cessation.

In the majority of global locations, Bloomberg provides fitness-related discounts (e.g., gym, cycling, sports teams, and weight loss programs) and subsidies for Bloomberg teams and leagues to encourage physical activity, fun and friendly competition outside of the office. In 2016, we implemented a new global wellness challenge platform to connect our employees and get them moving through fun and friendly competition. Approximately 11% of employees participated in each challenge by downloading the app or creating an online account and syncing a wearable device or other digital health tools. Challenge winners earn global bragging rights in addition to some smaller prizes based on performance and some that are also awarded at random.

In 2016, Bloomberg also launched Thrive, a custom well-being mobile app, in the U.S., Latin America and Canada to serve as our wellness platform. Participants receive incentives and rewards for taking healthy actions (e.g., tracking sleep, steps, nutrition, etc.) and participating in well-being programs. In the first 6 months, 36% of eligible employees activated their Thrive accounts and took steps toward better health. By the end of 2016, 88% of employees were on the platform; the jump in enrollment was largely driven by participation in our new health assessment, which is one of the components of Health Track.

Another key area of focus for Bloomberg is supporting an individual’s work/life needs across all major life events. We offer programs and resources for our employees and their families (which vary by location) for fertility, adoption, lactation, parenting, childcare, education and adult/elder care.

In 2016, we debuted our first global working families campaign and enhanced the parenting experience. During this campaign to showcase our support and resources for working families, we launched a new Parent Transition Coaching service in the U.K. and U.S., created new parent and manager tool kits for parental leave, offered a number of special events and filmed a video featuring our Chairman and members of the Working Families Community. This campaign was the result of months of work to identify opportunities to improve the parenting experience in an effort to increase the recruitment, retention and engagement of working parents.

Benefits & Wellness

On-site Services & Events

On-site health services, wellness coaches and special events provide convenient access for our employees to manage their health and well-being.

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GRI: 401-2

In locations where we have a larger footprint, we offer many on-site wellness services and resources. These complementary and convenient services allow our employees to proactively manage their health and well-being while still remaining productive at work. Bloomberg, with our vendor partners, operates four health centers in the U.S. and London staffed by experienced health care providers (i.e., physician, nurse practitioner and physician assistant). In our New York and New Jersey offices, we have five full-time on-site wellness coaches providing consultation to employees on a wide range of topics. In London, we offer a well-utilized on-site physiotherapy service alongside our acute and episodic care center. Also in New York, we have an on-site EAP counselor available for confidential counseling and support. On-site events cover topics such as musculoskeletal health, smoking cessation, ways to stay fit and manage stress and preparing for parenthood. At many locations globally, we also offer on-site flu shots and preventive health screenings.

Bloomberg provides five full-time on-site wellness coaches in New York and New Jersey to help employees develop personalized health-improvement plans in areas like nutrition, weight loss, fitness, stress management and more.

We offer seasonal community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs in four offices; these CSAs support local farms and promote healthy, “local” eating habits. In addition to these programs, all major Bloomberg offices have private and secure lactation rooms and, in some locations, quiet rooms.

Talent Development

Developing Our Employees

We offer learning and development opportunities that help our employees enjoy fulfilling careers and perform at their best.

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GRI: 404-2

Our goal is to offer learning and development opportunities that help employees perform at their best and enjoy fulfilling careers. Our development efforts focus on providing on-the-job learning, coaching/mentoring and formal skill building with online and classroom events. Our learning organization consists of an enterprise-wide Talent Development group in our Human Resources department as well as business-specific training teams in Sales, Data, News and Technology. We also offer leadership, professional, business and technical skills development through Bloomberg University, our online development portal. We provide a wide range of online resources that promote self-directed learning and development and continually strive to leverage new and innovative technologies that improve discoverability of content and increase the impact of learning.

Mind Tools, launched in 2016, is a library of 2,000+ articles, videos, podcasts, quizzes and workbooks to help employees develop the leadership and professional skills critical to their success.

All new Bloomberg employees participate in an orientation program designed to ease and accelerate their transition. Many Bloomberg departments also run their own role-specific training to give new employees the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. For example, in our Financial Software Developer Program, recent graduates learn about real-time data processing, databases, networking and graphics technologies. The experience includes time in lectures and labs, as well as hands-on work with colleagues on various projects.

All employees receive regular performance evaluations. We also provide tuition reimbursement to full-time employees for pre-approved courses and certifications that help them to develop in-role and beyond. To qualify, employees must be in good standing and attain a grade of B or above.


Employee Communications

Information about our businesses, the markets, our products, our successes and our partnerships reach more than 18,000 employees worldwide through a variety of platforms daily.

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The Employee Communications team informs, engages, enables and inspires Bloomberg employees. It informs employees about the business, the market and our products; it engages employees in a dialogue of ideas that spans the globe; it inspires world-class customer service, public service and an appreciation for the high-energy culture of our firm. Our information and engagement platform reaches our more than 18,000 employees worldwide and includes an internal employee newswire on the Bloomberg Terminal, email newsletters reaching targeted audiences, digital signage on screens in all major offices and videos that appear on an internal video platform and our YouTube channel, Inside Bloomberg.

ONBB is the main source of news about our company, products, people and interactions with the communities in which we live and work. News is shared via newswire and weekly newsletters.

Our communications are data-driven, actionable, sensitive to employee time and attention and creatively designed. We constantly seek to discover employee needs through a feedback loop of surveys, web traffic monitoring and focus groups in order to create the programs and communications content that will energize and benefit Bloomberg employees globally. Importantly, we have more than 250 employee contributors to our channels. This gives employees a voice, builds engagement and authenticity and provides an opportunity for employee recognition.


The Bloomberg Global Resource and Information Core Guide provides employees with information about their employment terms, benefits and responsibilities. Supplements address specific local issues. In addition, detailed global and regional policies are available to all employees via an internal- facing Human Resources function on the Bloomberg Terminal. The Human Resources team ensures that all employees are up-to-date on compliance and related training activities.

Human rights are a fundamental concern for Bloomberg in its relationship with employees and suppliers. We protect the human rights of our employees by providing equal opportunities and a safe and inclusive workplace. Bloomberg complies with all applicable laws and regulations on forced and child labor, as well as the rights of employees to unionize in the workplace. All employees receive mandatory training about harassment and cultural sensitivity. Employees may take additional courses to learn more about equal employment opportunity issues through Bloomberg University, our online training portal.

The Bloomberg General Standards of Conduct and Ethical Behavior sets out the standards we expect our employees to follow. It requires Bloomberg employees to conduct themselves and our business at the highest ethical level, with integrity and within guidelines that prohibit actual or potential conflicts of interest or the perception of impropriety.

The policy provides clear channels for raising concerns internally. Employees can also raise concerns, ask questions or report misconduct using a hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential and employees can choose to remain anonymous.