Surging Prices, Rates Test Demand in Housing Market

Home sales are now hovering near expansion highs, though momentum has been kept in check by lean inventory.

Biggest Worry About U.S. Yield Climb May Be Lack of Trigger

“If the market doesn’t have a narrative, then it means that the market doesn’t know what the implications are.”

Banks Are Getting Another Volcker Rule Win

Banks have long complained about steep compliance burdens related to hedging.


Mark Whitehouse

Here’s One Reason to Worry About Emerging Markets

Companies are more leveraged than they were before the last big meltdown.

The Editors

Italy’s Populist Path Ahead

The new government will need to check its ambitions for lavish spending.

Virginia Postrel

How I Caused California’s Housing Crisis

Efforts in the 1980s to curb the state’s explosive growth are having unintended consequences three decades later.

Julian Lee

Russia Flexes Its Soft Power Muscles

Extending output cuts deepens its role in global affairs.

Albert R. Hunt

Republican Strengths Turn Out to Be Weaknesses

Voters don’t seem thrilled by tax cuts or attacks on health care.

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