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Bloomberg Best (and Worst) showcases data that have been analyzed, organized and visualized by the Bloomberg Rankings team. These rankings seek to enlighten and entertain readers on topical issues of immediate and perennial interest in business, economics, investing, lifestyle, personal finance and politics & policy. Bloomberg Rankings differentiates its products through its commitment to creating rankings that are totally transparent and do not include editorially-adjusted or opinion-based data.


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Chicago, IL

#2 Longest Commutes: U.S. Cities #9 2014 Sushinomics - Most Expensive Premium Rolls: U.S. Cities #9 Most Noncitizen Homeowners: U.S. Cities #10 Biggest Brain Gains: U.S. Cities #14 Fastest-Growing Moving Destinations: U.S. Cities #15 Most Bicycle Commuters: U.S. Cities #16 Highest Salaries for Software Engineers: U.S. Cities #17 Most Bike Lanes: U.S. Cities #17 Priciest Places to Wed: U.S. Cities #19 2014 Sushinomics - Most Expensive Basic Rolls: U.S. Cities #19 Most Income Inequality: U.S. Cities #23 Most Foreclosures: U.S. Cities #38 Highest Premiums for Advanced Degrees: U.S. Cities