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Bloomberg Best (and Worst) showcases data that have been analyzed, organized and visualized by the Bloomberg Rankings team. These rankings seek to enlighten and entertain readers on topical issues of immediate and perennial interest in business, economics, investing, lifestyle, personal finance and politics & policy. Bloomberg Rankings differentiates its products through its commitment to creating rankings that are totally transparent and do not include editorially-adjusted or opinion-based data.


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#1 The Brita Index—Highest Cost of Safe Water: Countries #4 Most Reliant on Nuclear Energy: Countries #6 Highest-Paid Software Engineers: Countries #13 Most Decadent: Countries #14 Greatest Risk of Stagflation: Countries #14 Most Refugees by Place of Origin: Countries #14 Top Tourist Destinations: Countries #17 Highest Obesity Inequality/Females: Countries #18 Highest Ratio of Shale Gas to Natural Gas: Countries #20 Fastest Aging Within One Generation: Countries #20 Highest Electricity Production: Countries #21 Longest Life Span in E. Europe/Central Asia: Countries #24 Greatest Loss of Land: Countries #25 Biggest Change in Real Estate Loans: Countries #30 Biggest Rise in Health-Care Cost Relative to Income: Countries #30 Longest Retirements: Countries #33 Most Innovative: Countries #38 Most Rapidly Aging: Countries #44 Heaviest Men: Countries #47 Heaviest Women: Countries #47 Most Government Debt per Person: Countries #50 Heaviest Population: Countries #60 Harshest Future Austerity Measures: Countries #62 Highest Inflation: Countries #70 Highest Unemployment: Countries #86 Most Refugees in 2014: Countries