Zynga Hires Microsoft XBox Talent Mattrick as CEO

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Zynga is hiring Don Mattrick, the former head of Microsoft’s entertainment division, as its new chief executive officer, people familiar with the matter said. Cory Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's " Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- replacing marc pincus, who will be staying on as chairman.

There are sick -- there are those saying pincus was under pressure.

Is this the perfect compromise?

Be one person who have to support any leadership changes is pincus.

He have control of the company.

Nothing happens if he does not like it.

That said, i think it is important to note that one of the earliest investors and shareholders in zynga, recently doubled down in terms of management by taking additional board representation.

Among that board representation is a guy isbing gordon.

-- a guy named bing gordon.

He worked with don mattrick here in silicon valley.

There are some close interlocks here.

Kleiner is going to take a bigger involvement at zynga.

They are saying zynga is further along in attracting a large audience, getting a lot of user names, standing for something good -- they think there is still valued to be squeezed out.

Apparently they think he is the guy to do that.

You mentioned he has been to microsoft for about six years.

What is the buzz on him and what he can bring to zynga?

There are rumors he was going to move up during a shake-up in microsoft.

If you think about all of the failures microsoft has had in the consumer hardware space, whether it is as soon, windows 8.0, those that did not ship with touchscreens -- microsoft has failed over and over again in consumer hardware.

Their greatest story ever in consumer electronics is the xbox and xbox 360. that was don's doing.

The new price point of the microsoft at box one -- xbox one may be a problem.

They are still up over 11%. thank you as always.

Our west coast editor at large.

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