Zynga's Hangover in the Video Gaming Space

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe discusses gaming with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Candy crushes obviously -- the popularity is at an all-time high.

So it's time to go public.

But how does king avoid the fate of zynga?

King did a lot of things a right way.

For example, they didn't just finished -- did not just focus on facebook.

They focused on all the different platforms.

Everyone is moving to mobile, whether it is iphone, ipad or any of the android devices.

And the number of game players has gone from 40 million to 140 million in the last eight or nine years.

So they are differently going in the right direction of the current.

But is at the history of the business?

If can decline declines -- if candy crushed declines in popularity, but they have nothing compared to this.

Candy crushes one of those two or three games that has entered the popular culture, no doubt about it.

But instead of making money on one platform and mccain money on three or four different platforms and if you -- and as you so rightly mentioned, there are three or four games that are big in their own right.

Your time to get around the hit-driven formula and create a new formula that takes the uncertainty out of the game.

What does that formula involved?

Is that really possible?

We have only a few minutes here, but, ok, so the greenlight process, we make sure that we are very focused.

We do super high-end [indiscernible] we cross promote very well.

So you don't have to spend as much money on marketing.

We build games that we know can be evergreen.

Don't everyone bill just doesn't everyone create games?

Like that they should.

What makes a game evergreen?

A game that you can continue to add contact two.

So add levels.

Cracks if you look -- if you look at a board game, monopoly, you cannot play forever.

So we look at for those types of games coming games that have a proven game mechanic.

The interesting thing about the gaming industry, you can continue to tinker with it.

You look at your metrics everyday and find the script of measures for those increased metrics and increase the value of those games are in.

, knees it -- how many resumes are you getting from zynga?

We are getting a lot and many from the bay area.

Crushed the you have hired a lot of people from zynga, right?


But there is plenty of other talent around, too.

Do think that zynga can recover -- can recover?

Crexendo no.

It is much easier to build a culture than it is i don't know.

It is a lot easier to build a culture rather than turn one around.

I do not know him and he seems like a great guy and a really bright guy, possibly the right guy for the job.

But a really difficult job at that.

What direction do they need to turn in?

Chrysler need to get a lot smaller and resolve their problems from the technology respective than from adding one employee's perspective.

What i said before about cross- platform development, what i mean by that is come instead of having one team build the same game for a spoke, another team though the exact same game for ios and another team for android, you have one team build it once and then you have technology that allows you to quickly put those games out and make money in five places instead of one.

What does it mean for you guys?

Are you working on an ipo?

We are not necessarily working on an ipo.

We are excited that the hangover is finally ended here.

Super cell raised money at a very high valuation.

We are fortunate that we have been profitable and juggling are revenues every year to.

We are having a great year.

We don't need to raise money.

We are growing internally.

We are running our own race.

We love the positive momentum and the positive message that king is bringing to the industry

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