Zynga Abandons Online-Betting Plan

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Olivia Sterns reports on the latest markets news on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line" (Source: Bloomberg)

0.25% at 3613. let's get you the stories behind the numbers.

My colleague olivia sterns has the details.

Good evening.

U.s. stocks climbing ending the day and the black.

It looks like positive data on consumer sentiment helping offset what really were some disappointing earnings results.

University of michigan survey showed consumer confidence in the u.s. unexpectedly increased to the highest level in six years.

One stock you see that training -- playing out in, starbucks surging nearly 8% topping estimates after the bell yesterday and, no surprise, one thing starbucks credited their strong results with our strong sales year in the new york --in the u.s. i don't know you are at a fan of zynga, but shares dropping after they said they would be announcing abandoning plans to enter the online real money gaming.

Jcpenney getting a pop on news that david einhorn would stop shorting the stock.

He called the position his most profitable short of 2012. jcpenney is still sure going to recover from a nearly $1 billion loss under former ceo ron johnson.

They also said today they sold their longtime holding and microsoft and microsoft shares really did not flinch on that news.

Finally, mark, we have to talk about expedia, the biggest lag or in the s&p 500 slumping nearly 27%, the biggest fall in eight years after expedia missed second-quarter sales and profit estimates.

Expedia is competing with priceline, trip advisor, and orbitz to book travel online.

I don't know if you know much

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