Zuckerberg: WhatsApp Shares Facebook's Goals

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses his company’s acquisition of mobile messenger WhatsApp at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. (Source: Bloomberg)

Editor, let's take a listen.

Class people love using whatsapp for messaging.

It is the most engaging app we have ever seen that exists on mobile alibi far.

About 70% of people who use it use it every day.

That blows away everything else out there.

We see it is on a path to connecting more than one billion people.

There are very few services in the world that could reach that level and they are incredibly valuable.

To be a part of this journey, i was really excited to help him realize his dream of connecting a lot more people.

In terms of fit for facebook, when we first met and started talking about this, we really started talking about what it would be like to connect everyone in the world.

A lot of the vision for internet.org, that is what i want to take the time to focus on today.

It was not till we got aligned on that vision that we started talking about numbers and started to make a deal.

It is that vision that makes the company such a great fit.

It is the shared goal to help

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