Zuckerberg Turns 30, 22nd Richest Person on Earth

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Rob Lafranco reports on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 30th birthday and his ranking on the Bloomberg Billionaires list. Lafranco speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Today, mark zuckerberg turned 30. it has been a pretty good day for the tech billionaire.

Has he got a billion for every year of his life yet?

If this had happened about a month ago, yes.

He has about $27 billion.

He is 30. i think he is doing ok.

How does he stack up against other useful billionaires -- youthful billionaires?

Only one billionaire who was under 30. it is the facebook cofounder.

He was born eight days after mark zuckerberg.

That surprises me.

I would think there would be more people who inherited under the age of 30. there may be children in china who are billionaires, but we have not found them yet.

Less than 10 under the age of 40. but keep in mind the google cofounders, they are over 40. there is half a dozen billionaires that we have frank already in their 30's. -- we have ranked already in their 30's. how is wealthy -- how is wealth distributed?

The sweet spot is your 70's. about 26% are in their 70's. only one percent under the age of 40. it favors the wealthy.

Give us a sense of whether this next -- you say you are on the hunt for some new billionaires to add to the list.

Are you expecting to uncover more useful -- youthful billionaires?

Mark zuckerberg, only 27 million -- billion to his name.

It was a lot easier last year in the markets were searching.

You have to work a little harder to find them.

Most of the fortunes in the world are closely held.

The biggest ones are publicly traded.

They are a lot harder to find.

I do not think we will be finding many useful -- youthful billionaires.

We will see our first trillion theaire within the next 25 years.

Who else is in the 30 billionaire club?

She inherited the in and out hamburger fortune.

Her grandfather started the company.

One of the most interesting ones is the richest woman in china.

She inherited country gardens from her father.

He started it when she was five years old.

She was attending company meetings and she was a teenager.

One of the children of kirk christiansen met the founder of lego.

Now she along with her father and two siblings run the company.

Are billionaire hunter.

-- our billionaire hunter.

Thank you very much.

Starbucks stores may not look too fancy, that they are the result of countless hours of testing and tweaking by highly paid designers.

You have not even walked in yet.

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