Zuckerberg `Truly' Wants Everyone Connected: Harper

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Harpervision Founder and CEO Greg Harper discusses Samsung's new smarthphone and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's keynote address at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

What zuckerberg said, would you agree with him that it is great to have these gadgets, it is great to talk about a technology, but you have to get people onto the internet?


The cost for most people, they've bought the phone, but then they realize that the cost for data is very high.

He has a lot of supporters in the mobile space behind it.

What was the biggest highlight for you when you were listening to mark zuckerberg?

I think probably the last question, asking if anybody wanted to do another acquisition.

He thinks we probably have enough so far.

That's got a nice laugh from the audience.

There is passion for connecting everybody.

The mobile world is running a little video about how many people they're going to connect, and he was a guy do that every month.

That is why he bought that latest acquisition, to get the number of people connected.

He was to get everyone connected to the internet.

As they have said, they want to connect the entire world.

Speaking of connections and how to do it, you have been texting out some of the new -- testing out some of the new gadgets that have come out from samsung and lg.

Tell me about the samsung s5. it is a very distinct rodarte.

It is a night right screen, comes in nice colors, which is nice for making a statement of a phone.

It has a much longer at her a life, has a really great camera, with very fast focuses.

One of the problems has been that it does not focus back, this has been solved.

It also has another capability, there is a heartbeat sensor so you can put your finger on this and measure your heart beat.

It is not a groundbreaking phone, but certainly an innovative phone, and they thought i will buy one of these days going forward.

Is it an iphone killer?

You know, there are always going to be apple fans.

Samsung is about selling, 200 million of their father out there -- of their phones out there.

This is their biggest niche out there.

This is a second screen for your phone, and it is information like messaging, but it also does heartbeat, activity monitoring.

A really cool device, nice and small, very nice.

Can you hold that up to the camera a bit more?

It is on your wrist, so we cannot see it.


Can you see it now?


Obviously they are not the only company that is doing something like this.

It is a big trend you're seeing, lots of technology geared towards fitness?

Wearable is all over the place.

A lot of people doing wearable.

This combines a lot of ink together -- things together.

But this has a sensor that is built into it to measure my real hardeartbeat.

It's not just telling me how fast i'm walking but how well i am exercising.

It becomes a very powerful company should -- combination.

Soon you will be completely outfitted in wearable technology.

I can see it now.

Thank you so much, gregg harper.

Still ahead, pimco in the

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