Zuckerberg: Why Facebook Wants to Connect Everyone

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the Internet.org initiative from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies really serious about trying to connect everyone in their country using services.

They are giving free access to facebook, that is good for you and you can make good money from that.

Is this just a way for facebook to make more money?

What is the reason why facebook is doing this?

Over the long term, i hope.

One of the unfair economic realities is that people of -- with the vast majority of the wealth in the world are the billions of people already on facebook.

When i spoke with my board of erectors and put a budget in front of them to spend billions of dollars and trying to get this vision to work, they asked me, how will this be profitable in the near term i cannot construct a model that will add up in the near-term.

The ad markets in these countries, they do not really exist in a huge way yet that will make us break even on this.

For any we typically make investments.

But i believe in this because first of all, this is why i started facebook area i bill the product originally because i wanted to get out of harvard, but it -- the vision was to someday help connect everyone in the world.

Reaching one billion people ourselves was a moment for us when we took a step back as a company and said, what we really here to do?

If we could help connect one billion people, are we going to spend the next few years getting to 1.1 and 1.211 point three?

We will do that on the way to something else.

There has got to be something bigger.

For us, it is the vision of connecting the world.

When i think about the vision, even though i think we will lose money on this for quite a while, all the different things we're doing, the reason i'm optimistic is just like social networking early on, the reason we did it, even though all of these loggers and folks were saying, this is just a fat, or some people are using this but it will never make money, i never really cared about that.

I believe it was an important thing.

I could not connect all the dots going forward.

I did not know about the world are business enough to do so, but i felt that it was important and if we do something good for the world, eventually, we will find a way to benefit from that in some way.

I feel like that around internet.org as well.

There is no clear plan i can say today, this will be good for facebook.

It is clearly good for the world you're in every metric is good for the economy and the global health and people in these countries and everything.

You can see that.

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