Mark Zuckerberg: Connectivity Improves Lives

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the initiative from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. (Source: Bloomberg)

Facebook reaches this milestone of connecting one billion people, we took a step back and said, what problem in the world can we help to solve next.

We did not come here to try to connect 1/7 of the world.

It is to try to connect everyone appeared in order to do that, we need to form partnerships because no one company can change the way the internet works by itself.

It is an important problem.

The reason i care about it is it is not the connectivity by itself as an end in itself.

It is the things it brings.

When you have access to the internet, you have a lot of people for the first time having access to things like a sick financial services second get credits to start a business, or a home, or access to basic health information so they can understand conditions their family might have or help bring up their children more healthfully, access to basic education materials.

There is a study that just came out today or yesterday that showed if you increase the number of people in emerging markets, you could easily create more than 100 million jobs and bring that many people more out of haverty.

You could decrease the child mortality rate and save millions of lives by giving people access

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