Zuckerberg: IPO Has Made Facebook a Lot Stronger

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the company's IPO and mobile growth at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 event. (Source: Bloomberg)

Twitter is going to go public and you have gone through the whole thing.

You have had some pretty rough times and everything is great now.

What is your device to them -- advice to them?

I am the person you want to ask last about a smooth ipo.

[laughter] but seriously, it is actually a valuable process.

Having gone through what i think most people characterize as an extremely turbulent first year as a public company, i can tell you that i don't think it is that bad.

I was heartened by the fact -- i was really worried that people would leave the company and get really demoralized when the stock price was down.

But people focused on the mission.

We have not seen a lot of that.

I think it has made our company a lot stronger because the process of going public, you have to know everything about your company.

Inside out, have everything instrumented.

The work the crew did to get us ready to be public really took us to the next level.

In retrospect, i was too afraid of going public.

I don't think it is that necessary to do that.

You have to stay focused on doing the right stuff and sometimes it might take the market a little while to catch up to see the results of what you're doing.

Last year, i was laying out what we were planning on doing with mobile and everybody thought it was this disastrous thing for facebook.

Second quarter, we had no money.

One year later, 40% of the revenue is mobile.

There is more competition on mobile and more great apps.

People spend seven minutes of all their time -- one in seven minutes on pc on facebook.

On mobile, it's one in five.

The next after us is instagram.

We are doing what we think are the right things.

We are growing and connecting.

People are engaging and sharing more content.

All the stuff that we get excited about every day, these private companies, as long as they are focused on what they are doing, it is wonderful.

To be fair, your mobile product a year ago sucked.

It did.

And then it got really good really fast.

I think you deserve to have no revenue from a year ago.

Whether you agree or not, there has been a lot of work in that area and focus that maybe was not there before.

And we took a bad bet.

The legacy was building this website and focusing on being able to develop for the web.

Naturally, we looked at things to see if we can build an html 5 system for all platforms.

We took a year, it was painful, we took a lot of -- we were focused on making sure the experience was better first.

It is better to go from awful to really good than good to awful.

I agree on the order part.

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