Zuckerberg Getting Star Treatment in Washington

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg heading to Washington to meet with politicians. Cook speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

He is hoping to make a few more friends in town.

Visiting top congressional democrats and republicans.

Not everyone gets that treatment.

Gives you a sense of the kind of pull he has.

Politicians want to be seen with mark zuckerberg.

They think it is good for them.

That includes mark -- president obama.

He is coming here because facebook needs more friends.

At the center of a lot of issues, not all of them positive.

Needs to make sure his voice is heard.

Especially if he leaves his study at home.

-- hoodie at home.

Click what is the big issue for him ? just one of several issues.

His advocacy group continues to light a fire under congress to get something done.

Liberals have questioned the group's approach.

The bigger issue for the company in washington is privacy.

One reason he will meet with the chairman of the senate commerce committee.

He also threw himself into the debate over nsa surveillance programs last week when he criticized the government communication effort.

The comment was don't worry, we're not spying on any americans.


God is helpful to companies serving people around the world.

Thank you for being clear about what you are doing.

So i think that was really bad.

Another topic that could come up in conversation.

He will answer questions when he appears an event hosted by the atlantic.

Thank you.

Peter cook on mark zuckerberg's visit to white house.

-- washington.

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