Zone of Mobile Privacy Secured in The Swiss Alps

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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg international correspondent Hans Nichols reports on a company offering secure privacy housed in a bunker in the Swiss alps. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Culture, the history rather than the start up element which is such a big part of the u.s.-west coast economy that london wants to have.

Berlin definitely wants to have a bit of that.

Why is that missing in italy and france?

This is one of the things we wrestle with.

Why do we all love italy?

We like italy because it doesn't really change.

The same trattoria you have gone to forever, the same winners are there.

-- the same waiters are there.

Where is that person wanting to open a challenger down the street?

It is still not happening.

I think part of it is also getting people to go abroad.

It is not just six months ago to study english.

People are venturing out into the world for a good two or three years and going back.

This is the problem, getting italians to go back.

You come to london and italians wind up in this city or any number of other capitals and they don't go home.

What are going to be those forces, whether it is the banks, startup programs -- not just inspiring people but some degree of capital.

It would be a huge mistake to just go down a tech channel.

So far that has not been the legacy of the country.

It should be sort of playing to the strengths.

One story we do in this issue is, we look at florence and how it has become a beacon for the japanese.

The japanese want to launch the next generation of luxury goods companies.

You see a whole bunch of really talented young men and women.

Taylor's, cobblers, they are starting businesses which might be the next acquisition target for mr.


I would play to those strengths more.

That is maybe not going to make you deliriously rich like the u.s. west coast but it is a start.

How do you get the value?

Attaching valuations to things

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