Zombies, Gore Scare up Big Box Office Bucks

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "Single Best Chart," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu displays the winning formula of zombies and gore leading to big bucks at the box office and in television ads. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

The lotus at a september auction and he said he plans on upgrading the cars it can actually transform into a functioning submarine.

That sounds like elon musk.

That's dead on.

It's friday -- we are all relieved, washington is over and when it a single best chart.

This weekend on television is our biggest thing on tv which is zombies.

This chart is based on data from nielsen.

" the walking dead" is a huge hit for amc.

It is second only to sunday night football and is now generating or eliciting nfl- level at ratings.

Tom does not get it.

Is it like " game of thrones?" zombies are the new vampires.

Horror movies are doing well at the box office.

"carrie" is opening this weekend.

It's more of the big-budget variety.

Most of the horror movies that have gotten popular our small budget.

They are made on a shoestring in terms of the budget like "the conjuring." it's not on my oscar shortlist.

It did well for time warner studios and was directed and comcast/universal studios scored big with "the purge." typical big-budget movies -- this is different.

Horror films have been trendy before.

They have and i was looking at what the bloggers would say on this and they say the last time horror movies were so culturally relevant was back in the 1980s during ronald reagan.

It is this idea that the political and economic realities of the times pushes us toward horror movies because we need a distraction.

Can you connect this to the economy?

The economics is that it is the safer investment.

And you are making a movie for $1 million and there is low cost, it will make more.

Will bruce jenner get back with whoever?

Probably not.

You are talking like pop

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