Zoe’s Kitchen Eyes Expansion After IPO Success

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Miles, president and Chief Executive Officer at Zoe’s Kitchen, talks with Betty Liu about hiring and wages and the company’s expansion plans and use of cash from their recent IPO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Talking to several employers.

As you are expending, are you finding it difficult to hire?

Thank you for welcoming us and allowing us on your show.

Absolutely not, we are excited about the growth we have.

Our ipo has brought a lot of attention to the job market and attracted great town for us.

We are not seeing that of all.

We are welcoming all the folks who brought onto our team.

Are you finding it hard to hire people with higher skills or is that not a challenge?

It has not been a challenge for us.

We are getting great talent.

With the newness of our concept and as we grow across the country, it is resonating.

We have always been focused on hiring a great talent and great team and is one of the toppings things we look for as we do this so we have not had that struggle.

Where are you expanding?

Really across the 15 states we are currently in, from texas up through the northeast into philly.

What is the biggest challenge as you are expanding?

What eats at the most cost?

It is finding great real estate first and foremost.

Also great talent.

We are selective of our talents and look for great hospitality and it's imperative to our business to really deliver that great mediterranean experience that we expect our restaurants were customers.

Are you hiring admin wage?

Absolutely not, we are above minimum wage and always have been.

We continue to pay great wages and look for that great talent and we are willing to pay for it.

That is a big issue right now for the entire restaurant industry.

As you see protesters fighting against mcdonald's and walmart is another one that has been the subject of this.

Are you worried you will see these wages rise for your industry?

I cannot speak on behalf of the other concepts out there.

For us, we have focused on hiring great talent and paying the wages as we need to.

We don't really see an imminent issue in our business or any kind of decline by doing that.

We are well above the minimum wage.

We will continue to focus on that.

We will always comply with the federal laws out there we don't foresee that as an issue for us today.

I know you are expanding but where have you put that capital to work?

A big majority of it was to pay down our debt.

And we continue to build the infrastructure for our growth.

We are focused on long-term growth and building new locations across the country and bringing zoe's to a location near you.

Thank you so much.

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