ZMapp Experimental Drug Used on U.S. Ebola Patients

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Aug. 5 -- Bloomberg’s Yang Yang reports on U.S. Ebola patients treated with Zmapp experimental drug from Mapp Pharmaceuticals in San Diego. She speaks with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That comes as two americans being treated for ebola in atlanta are on the men's thanks to acm.

Yang yang joins us.

There is no vaccine at this time and normally money patients are given fluids, blood transfusions, and antibiotics with the hope the immune system can fight off the virus, but with a death toll of nearly 900 out this latest outbreak, the measures are far from effective.

We may now have a breakthrough because at the request of the u.s. charity that works with the two infected americans, dr.

Kent brantley and nancy writebol, they were issued in experimental serum.

It is being developed by san diego-based zmapp.

Until now, they had in a little-known company with only nine employees.

A little more known now.

We mentioned early on that the serum has not been tested on humans, so how were they able to use it in these cases?

This was a case of desperate times, and desperate measures.

Desperate to save their workers, samaritan purse, the company they work for, reached out.

The u.s. has very strict drug rules but the usda can approve drugs under what is known as the compassionate use clause.

They were informed of the risk and had to give their consent.

Again, never tested on humans until now, and the drugmaker has made it clear that any decision to use the drug is the physicians call, not theirs.

Why do we not have an approved treatment?

Is it an issue of funding?

It definitely is.

Pharmaceutical companies -- there is no appeal to an ebola vaccine, to tell you the truth, and that is a challenge.

Drugmakers have had these potential vaccines and treatments in the works, but not enough funding to get to the trial phase.

The drug being used on those in atlanta has not been tested in -- until now.

In the last few years, there has been a little more funding with about $43 million spent on ebola research last year.

We are making some headwinds.

Still not enough for av stream is to get to the clinical trial stage.

We are still a few years off

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