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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- YP CEO David Krantz discusses the company's mobile ad strategy with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

In mobile alone.

There is this company called facebook, there is a company called yelp, company called pandora, a company called yahoo!

, and you have done more revenue than all of those companies.

Five times what yahoo!


How did you do it?

Starts with scale.

We are already a $1 billion digital or folio so we started back in the 2000 time frame getting back to online with yellow pages.com and ap interactive.

We were building up that tradition through the business of yellow pages sales force with thousands of people in our organization selling.

Is the model, the turnaround model kind of like we know phonebooks are in decline but we are making a ton of money off of them, so let's reinvest this to launch something digital?

We have always been about small businesses helping to launch themselves.

Seriously, how does the business work?

We are a managed service getting on the internet, mobile, print, getting more customers.

What we have done is create extremely large mobile applications.

We are the top 15 in the android store, day number one in the apple store.

We have millions of mobile applications and an extended network of other players with online consumer traffic.

Is the key to your success the feet on the street, salespeople locking up dad salespeople knocking on the local doors for decades?

There are two keys and when you put them together, you can go and get hundreds of thousands of small business customers and then you can distribute those to millions of consumers, which led to millions of dollars.

You are so private, i think it is interesting all the attention that recently public start of have gotten, the terrible struggles of groupon to do something similar, you also saved a lot more success in that arena.

Have you seen the mistakes that they would make in the process?

We were quite quiet about delivering value for the sales force to be effective and great experiences for consumers.

The key part for us is the network, competition.

We deliver advertising to google . we are partners with many across the internet.

Knocking on doors, going to the dry cleaner, we will put your ad not just in wide p.com, but others.

We are the largest mobile ad network out there, which a lot of people are getting bombarded by all these companies, startups going after the local space.

I imagine it is hard to future salespeople motivated for a long time.

To really think about mobile with a strategy for sales.

Clearly it has to go on to a new legacy business.

Combined packages, print, digital, the interactive sizes back in 2008. it has been at the core of everything that we've done and what we train every salesperson to do.

Big numbers, thank you very much.

Thank you.

It is time for the b-1 where we

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