YouTube Hasn't Reached Full Potential: Hurley

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley discusses YouTube's impact on the world and the future of television with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


We continue our conversation with youtube cofounder chad hurley.

You actually stayed on at youtube for quite a while after google bought it.

Ceo until 2010, for four years.

I think they have done a great job.

I always appreciate the fact that they took a chance on us.

And i stayed on to see things through.

It turned into a real business and to some extent, i don't think youtube would be here today without their support, at least at that scale.

I think they have done a fantastic job reaching more people than ever.

A lot of things would not be here if it weren't for youtube.

Think of all the stars you have created.

Justin bieber.

Are you proud of that one?

Of course.

Are you -- it is necessary from a standpoint of having a catalog to control.

Also dealing with advertisers.

From my perspective, i don't think it is scalable.

Giving people the right tools of where they can collaborate in a global sense.

They talk about storyboards and scripts, creating inspirations.

That is what i always wanted to do and that is why i had that concept for so long.

It is hard to put a layer on top of a system like that.

It is a very efficient way to host information.

Has youtube reached its full potential?

Not at all.

Can it reach its full potential under google?

I think the reach and the brand and the opportunities everyone has to participate to either be discovered or start their own career.

If people have the talent, they now have opportunity.

What about the possibility of google buying sports content or a company that has rights and putting that on youtube?

It is a strategic move because they have the money to pay for the licensing around football.

It is hard to replicate live events.

Live sports is something that you can use to get a subscriber base.

You have had interesting comments about the future of television.

People should be able to watch anything anywhere legally.

I was referring to the companies that license their content.

The ones more aggressive about breaking down barriers around geography and licensing.

What is wrong with the rules?

It is annoying when you go on vacation that you can't access particular content.

I think the business models will big -- build a bigger consumer bases.

Which companies should let go?

All of them.

Do you think we will be able to watch anything anywhere and it will all be legal?

This is inevitable?

People will still pay for it and subscribe or supported by ads.

But people will gravitate to the content most successful -- accessible.

The acquisition of youtube was unique in that you guys made money, google dealt with a dot of -- a lot of legal issues.

Marissa mayer has likened the acquisition of tumbler to youtube.

What do you make of that comparison?

I don't think it is close.

You are primarily talking about photos and it is historically harder to monetize that type of content.

Videos have better market opportunity around advertising and it is much more engaging.

The catalog of content is impossible to replicate.

You think yahoo won't be able to monetize them?

They will be able to but it won't turn into youtube.

I think that they paid a fair price and they are essentially buying traffic.

You think a youtube deal could get done today?

People are still looking for the next youtube, for sure.

I think there are tremendous opportunities in the video space.

We are taking a unique approach , and there are other opportunities.

You can't compete with youtube by creating youtube.

People had to create new solutions.

What about the acquisition trend we have been seeing?

Like yahoo.

I think these companies are looking for answers, especially competing against google.

They are all looking for something that gives them growth.

It is harder to innovate internally.

Chad hurley, cofounder of youtube, we will be watching to see how mixfit develops.

We have been filming this whole time so we will post that online as well.

We will be right back in just a moment.


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