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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley discusses the future of video and the story behind Mixbit with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Instagram, how will they differentiate themselves in a crowded space?

We are joined in the studio for an exclusive interview.

You say you have had this idea for a long time?

I have had thoughts about how to create better content and at youtube, things were too hectic to focus on that.

We are helping the individual get in front of a meaningful audience.

You say this has been haunting you?

Video is just a much more cool thing to create.

It's not just a photo.

You need more people involved in the process.

With mixfit, how do you create a scalable solution to allow people to tell a story more effectively?

One second longer than instagram, up to 58 minutes.

It was arbitrary, we were focused on a mentality.

We had that out before instagram announced 15. we thought we would stick with it.

The big insight with the social services right now, it into a tivoli creates more interesting content.

It is pretty intuitive and easy to use.

You can pull other videos into your own video and remain anonymous if you want to.

Why remain anonymous when so much of the photo and video posting is about identity?

And vanity?

We feel like social media is isolating and selfish.

We want people to care about the content and care about the stories they are telling.

I think there are still tremendous opportunity in video and i don't think anyone is doing it right.

Do you think instagram and devine, one are doing better?

They are creating rate solutions for their platforms.

Twitter has 100 and 40 characters and six seconds.

Facebook, people consume video through their feed.

For us, we are not focused on helping people tell sentences, we are helping tell stories.

If this is the future of video, would this hurt youtube?

The thing that you created?

I think it will be fine, they get plenty of video and i don't think they will be threatened by us anytime soon.

We are focused on hopefully creating a better tool for people to collaborate and tell stories more effectively.

Could they collaborate?


Really, contributing content is for the greater good of the community and all of that interlinks.

Being reused in the systemax as a trailer to get you recognition and drive people back to the crucial part of it.

You have continued to work together since you have left, tell me about your relationship and how it has evolved?

Like any relationship, you might have difficult times, but fortunately, we survived.

It is a give-and-take relationship in terms in terms of bringing the technical background.

We both have opinions, ideas, and it is good to have someone else to bounce those off of so you know you're not crazy.

Can you give us any indication of traction?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the reception in terms of people responding to the nature of collaboration, somewhat anonymous uploading.

We are being somewhat antisocial for that approach.

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