Your Portfolio: Asset Allocation and Dividends

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Adam Parker, chief U.S. Equity Strategist at Morgan Stanley, talks with Tom Keene about asset allocation, how to play dividend growth and his expectations for the S&P 500. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The market is up near to what he percent this year.

Many have allocated themselves into a single digit corner.

Emerging markets and thinking commodities -- are we over diversified?

You are having a bang up year.

Are we to diversified?

The benefits can be overrated.

You can make more money when you're concentrated and you pick the right assets.

Do have a general rule for how much equity i should own?

If i'm on a committee of seven people -- do they yell at each other?

It is about $1.9 trillion under our management.

We take it quite seriously.

We are over 50% equities, which might behind versus some of the long-term numbers.

-- be high versus some of the long-term numbers.

If i can look at a two percent -- 2% dividend and see a growing -- it growing?

The market will reward that.

We look at over 100 factors every month.

Dividend growth has been one of the most successful factors.

Is there a difference between an american yield any european yield?

Do i want to buy exxon mobil or french oil?

Management incentives are different.

It is more about the dividend growth van the level -- than the level.

You have seen yields -- if you can roll the dividend more and the u.s., you will be rewarded more.

I will take the lower yield with the more potential to grow.

You have been cautious, measured.

You had to catch up.

What is your view?

In march we got bullish.

We are still bullish.

The base case is mediocre.

The bear case is probable.

The market is up a lot.

I think there were still more room.

Wonders chairman yellen make your life miserable?

Sometime in the first quarter.

The key will be when the taper.

Adam parker, morgan stanley.

A lot their own equities.

The importance of dividend growth.

We have so much more ahead.

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