You Cannot Fight the Inflows Into Equities: Jullier

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Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Antonin Jullier, Global Head of Equity Trading Strategies at Citigroup Global Markets, discusses the economic outlook worldwide and his subsequent investing strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I love the additional attachments.

It obviously gives me more options.

It gives you so many other options inside the house, for your car, getting rid of the dust and the spider webs in the corners.

So, you think you might want to keep that?




[laughter] [whirring] have you noticed how the worx air can go places no cleaning tool has gone before -- all those nooks and crannies that never get clean because your broom, your vacuum, and your heavy-duty blower could never fit into those tight spaces?

Well, that's the third of the top three amazing things the worx air can do -- clean in between.

Worx thought of everything when they thought of these attachments.

Instead of having multiple clean-up tools -- the broom, the dustpan, the vacuum, whatever -- one device takes care of everything.

It really is a multi tool.

When you use the air pressure plus this brush, it really does a good number of breaking those spider webs and stuff loose.

He came home from work and saw me cleaning the gutters.

It was an experience for him.

? ahh-ahh-ahh ? this is the air inflator.

This is the detail tool, if you want to use the worx air to clean your car.

I use this for blowing the dust out of the engines.

I actually cleaned all the blinds this morning with it.

So i thought, "that's a pretty." when you have a cleaning tool as fast and as maneuverable as the worx air, you'll love a challenge.

And we found one.

It's a multi-story home with four outdoor flights of stairs, decks on three levels, and lots of entry points where dirt can get tracked inside.

You'd never lug a heavy blower to a third-floor deck, but at less than five pounds, the worx air makes it a breeze.

And look how easy it is to navigate down all these flights of stairs without a cord to slow you down.

The worx air is so quiet, you can clean outside the bedroom without disturbing anyone.

Two front decks done in a fraction of the time it would take with a broom.

And on the ground-floor patio, you don't have to move anything out of the way.

The worx air cleans around and under obstacles.

Now the front porch is a clean zone, and so is the walkway, driveway, even under the car, and down to the sidewalk.

And you still have power to spare.

Seven clean zones created in under eight minutes.

All right, so this is our tool.

It's called the worx air.

It's got a lithium battery, so no cords, no gas.

Give it a try.

See what you think.

[whirring] wow.

This is cool.

I like this one.

It's really good.

It's an excellent product.

Very lightweight.

Really easy on your wrist.

Oh, yeah.

I like that.

[whirring] so far, what do you think?

I think i like it.

Here's another way you could use that.

Oh, okay.

Yeah, that's even lighter.

Yeah, i like that.

The brush helps kind of scrape away a little bit of the top dust.

There's gonna be a little dust coming here.

And it doesn't seem to have lost any power.

I have a motorcycle that's got air vents.

In around the instrument cluster, trying to get down in it, get all that dust out of there.

Yeah, i love the portability of this thing.

It's light enough to almost put in your pocket.

Okay, so when you come out here to sweep, how is that for you?

There's a lot of stuff in the way.

Especially 'cause we can't move the tables.

Give this a try.

There we go.

[whirring] now, this is like a tornado.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, i like the brush.

Fun to clean with.

I don't have to get all dirty.

We're gonna test this blower.

I have a lot of stuff in between those rocks over there.

It's lighter than the one that i have.

I like that already.

So it's lighter, more versatile, and it's probably as powerful as the one that i have now, and there's no cord.

I've lived her 11 years.

I've never cleaned my mailbox.

So now i did it.


It's nice and light, and you don't have to work around with a cord.



so a little scrubber on it.

[whirring] what about, like, the top of your mailbox or ledges on your door, any of that stuff?

You noticed.

There's a few more attachments.

But before you do that, what would you use normally for this?

A broom.

It would take a lot longer and wouldn't get it as thoroughly.

You don't even have to bend over and get underneath the chairs.

And that would be great for

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