You Can Make a Call Using Samsung's Galaxy Gear

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Smart watch.

How is it?

I've actually got one and i have to say that, over the weekend, i was reading the reviews.

I checked out "the new york times" which said nobody should buy one so i was prepared to hate it but i think it looks pretty cool.

C it's got these sort ofartier bolts on the front and you can put a classic face on it that will tell you what the weather is and how may steps you take it and make a phone call which i have done a couple of times today and receive texts.

It's interesting as the first smart watch but it only works with the galaxy note 3. without this phone, it really does not do any of that.

Are people going to buy it?

I'm not sure.

They have to have this but this is not an iphone.

It's not that it sells better than the iphone.

Do they have a lot of them at the stores?

Were there people lining up?

Fortunately, no one was lining up because the product is not in any of the stores.

Not any that i found and i have been walking all over new york city to look for it.

Samsung said today is the official launch date but why aren't there anyone here in the best buy?

They said they will be here eventually at some point today.

They did not set a specific time so i went to columbus circle and it was not there and i went to the best buy on fifth avenue, not there, t-mobile doesn't have it ends -- and neither does the at&t store.

All the employees of the store seemed perplexed and did not want to tell me why they are not here and samsung's officials say they will be here at some point today.

But they don't necessarily put out a product in the morning, maybe they come in the afternoon.

It sounds like they are arriving now with a police escort.

Exactly, the fire department is bringing them.

It's like a war zone in downtown new york.

It is nonstop.

It is partially for the tourists.

You come and visit the city and you want to hear sirens ready much all the time.

Downtown, they run a constant brigade of fire trucks and police cars.

It's against union rules not to have sirens in new york.

Thanks for braving the rough streets of 14th street.

Which mobile operating system is

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