Yevvo Allows People to Become the New TV: Rubin

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May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Ben Rubin, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Yevvo, talks with Elliott Gotkine about his company’s streaming video service that allows people and companies to provide live video feeds to their followers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

A button and everybody that follows you is being pushed to their mobile.

With one click you go live and one click for your followers to tune into whatever it is you're streaming.

I should say we have 100 some people watching us via yevvo right now, except via a different angle.

What is your business model?

How are you going to make money?

We went to allow anyone to stream, to browse and interact in real-time time with this kind of content.

And you created platform that allows hundreds of thousands of people to tune in to one phone of a person, you empower people, the people become the new tv.

We want to own this media.

Your car to completely kill tv, but you raised more than $4 million.

Where do you go from here?

I heard a funny story about how you manage to get that money in the first place.

The first round i was speaking to one of the notable angels here in israel.

After he finished the pitch there are mixed emotions.

I entered this taxi and the guy had a karaoke machine in the taxi.

And he handed me a microphone and he had a microphone and both of us sang karaoke.

And i went live and the investor who had the early alpha version, tuned into the identification and he got it.

You got what it means.

Your voice to and put them off, which is good.

People might abuse this and live stream bullying in a school or other things that are not to be on air.

How do you have any control to prevent abusive or illegal material going live on your system?

A think every new technology introduces new challenges in terms of abusive use.

What we do is allow real-time people to flag content.

We try to have a very good community team that makes sure the community stays very natural and not abusive.

Ben rubin, ceo and founder of yevvo.

I'll head back to you in london.

Thanks, elliott.

We are back in two minutes.


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