Yen Doesn't Matter Too Much to Us: Toyota's Ohara

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Toyota USA Sales CEO Kazuo Ohara sits down with Matt Miller to discuss the company's strategy for winning the U.S. truck market, demand for hybrid vehicles and the impact of the yen on business. (Source: Bloomberg)

The big three, matt miller.

Yes, it is actually the toyota hybrid world tour.

I sat down and got to be the first person on the face of the planet to interview their new u.s. boss, and even though we are at a hybrid event, i asked him about trucks.

Our history here in the u.s. market is very short, so it takes time to be a major player.

Ford or gm has a longer history.

This is our first attempt.

What we should do is to establish a counter branding.

Our prices are a little bit higher than competitors, but we need to establish a position in the marketplace.

Let me ask you about the hybrid vehicles, because that is why we are here today.

It seems you have a clearly dominant market share.

I think 70% of all hybrid vehicles in the u.s. are sold by toyota, but in japan, the customers buy a whole lot more of hybrid vehicles as part of the overall mix.

Do you see u.s. customers heading in that direction, as well?

Government incentive from the u.s.. basically, no support is given from the government or the state government.

So it purely depends on the economy.

I heard maybe prius could see production here in the u.s., and that would kind of give up any benefit you get from a weak yen.

Producing it here in the u.s. means a lot of new investment.

So we need to be a little bit more careful, but japan supply is going to be feasible.

No major issues.

Do you think a lot about the yen exchange rate, because your competitors have complained a lot about it lately.

70% of the sales in the u.s. come from american production.

We have only 30% of imported vehicles.

What forecast are you working with when you sit down, what yen forecast do you have?

The highest was around 80. 90 is what it may be close to now, so maybe something from 80 m a 90. -- 80 to 90. let me ask about sports vehicles or emotional vehicles, passion vehicles, fun to drive, because i grew up with the suspra, -- supra, on the cover of "road and track." you are going in that direction with lexus.

I just drove some very fast lexises.

We have several options.

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