Food's Here! Yelp Unveils Mobile Delivery Service

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman reports on Yelp’s expanding services including offering food delivery. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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The more those gears and gadgets are shipped, the more fedex might rise.

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Thank you, dom.

Many find little time to escape the office for lunch here in new york.

There is a new player in town.

You may have their app on your phone.

Yelp has just added food delivery through their new platform.

Julie hyman joins us now.

You are a user, i believe, of seamless.

If you go onto yelp now and you are looking at a review of a various restaurant, for some of them and you will be able to see a button that, would you like to order now?

You click on it and it takes you to two cites the yelp is partnering with.

Eat 24, and's network is 10,000 restaurants in 60 major cities.

It is not that yelp is embedding the platform on its own website, it is helping link to these other sites.

Essentially helping to not just give those reviews that you get on yelp, but also to extend that process to folks being able to actually order food.

Yelp is not going to stop there.

The company is slowly rolling out restaurants in new york and san francisco and will expand it to the full complement of those that eat 24 and offer.

It is planning to eventually offer booking services for all the other reviews it has, at things like salons, for example.

That is the endgame.

Analysts say this is in an effort to increase the yelp brand, increase engagement on the part of its users, and improve the experience overall . not having to migrate away to make those reservations or order food at restaurants.

Isn't also going to help yelp raise ad rates for the company?

Brian blair said that ad rates will not necessarily go higher, but it's a matter of making it more attractive to advertisers.

Maybe it will get more advertisers.

It is collecting a fee every time it gets that feed through on the food delivery services.

When someone clicks on that button, yelp is collecting a fee, which at this point it is not disclosing.

Seamless and grub hub, which are merging -- if you're curious about the numbers, grub hub has 20,000 delivery relationships.

Seamless has 12,000. it looks like this is comparable in terms of numbers.

Thank you, julie hyman , our senior markets correspondent.

Coming up, a very special guest guest.

Aol cofounder and venture capitalist.

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Case law being -- case lobbying on a plan for high-skilled workers.

Shopping season is already beginning.


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