Yellen: Economy Stronger, Financial System Sounder

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s take on the U.S. economy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This event for the federal reserve.

Janet yellen has already been sworn in and has been on the job for several weeks.

This is a ceremonial swearing-in where she did not make significant news in her comments.

They are generally, it's about the job and the challenge ahead were.

She is speaking at this moment to members of the federal reserve staff.

Jack lew is there, as is the former federal chair reserved chairman.

What she says about the economy in these comments, too many americans cannot find a job and are forced to work part-time.

Maximum employment and stable prices.

It is equally clear the economy continues to operate short of these objectives.

I will work with policymakers to achieve this.

Not hugely controversial.

We have heard this from her before on capitol hill.

She is reinforcing the message the economy is not yet ready to her satisfaction and she says so in several instances.

She talks about transparency and picking up on what ben bernanke has said in the past to expand transparency.

"i promise to build on his legacy." she does not say specifically she plans to hold more press conferences, but there is at least a hint there is more to come from her when it comes to communication and transparency.

She thanked the staff for all the work they have done and will do her very best to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

I am told we may get still pictures of janet yellen making the remarks and he will not see them on video.

Peter, thank you.

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