Yellen Crucial to Tapering Game Changer: Raymond

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Joshua Raymond, Market Strategist at City Index, discusses earnings reports, the Federal Reserve statement and his subsequent investing strategy. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Numbers, which have caught your eye the most?

Shell, mainly because of what happened with bp.

Bp set the bar quite high, beat expectations.

Shell came under expectation.

When you take out the 105 -- $ 4.5 billion.

It was looking closer to $5 billion.

That is underneath market expectations.

Share prices rising 3% this week because bp set the bar high.

The risks were elevated.

That is one to watch.

-- the world's biggest brewer has beaten earnings estimates.

Beer revenue was below.

Which one should be looked at?

If you're looking right now, you look at earnings.

If you look from afford perspective, six months down the line minimum.

I'm looking at volumes and expectations.

The one thing that concerns me is brazilian beer volumes, down 5% on the quarter.

They have now estimated for the year it should be flat to single digits negative.

That is concerning.

They have a majority of the market.

The trend for the last time months is -- nine months is concerning.

Bp, better than estimated numbers coming through from the tv provided.

Bp sport seems to get more subscribers than many analysts estimated.

The stokck up by 60% year to date.

It has been a strong performer.

Very strong performer.

If you look at the share prices it is not just strong recovery.

It had very strong momentum.

When you have momentum going one way, it is a very difficult thing to gauge.

A huge marketing drive because they have the premier league matches.

They are trying to acquire the market share from bskyb.

If you are a shareholder, you have to keep an eye on bt, and the way they are grabbing marketshare away from you, particularly from the wireless perspective.

That will make inroads six months down the line.

Your thoughts on the fed statement.

Equities are down.

Does that leave leaders to believe it was not quite as dovish as we thought it could be?

I've seen a lot of statements that are saying that maybe, i would not say hawkish, but less dovish.

When it comes to the fed, i do not think, i do not think we are looking at tapering at least until march or april next year.

What we need to look right now, we need to take the tapering issue to one side and just wait.

If yelleng gets concerned, we have to wait and see what she will say because that will be the game changer.

To be honest with you, they have the debt ceiling on february 7. they have to move towards that -- 99 days away.

Plenty to look forward to.

Josh when raymond, a market strategist at city.

"on the move" is next.

See you tomorrow.


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