Yahoo Wants to Bring Concerts to Your Couch

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel explains why Yahoo teamed up with Live Nation. She speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Every day, you can see a concert on the live nation channel, on yahoo!, with kellogg at this -- as its first strategic hardware.

There is also a live concert library.

Here is what it means for yahoo!

-- proprietary programming.

They already hired katie couric.

They also are delivering high-quality web video, streaming features.

The goal is to break -- to differentiate between apple networks as well as youtube.

Getting more eyeballs -- it ranks fourth in global unique visitors in may.

All of that equals add dollars.

Paul sweeney a bloomberg industries told me online video is the fastest-growing advertising segment of online, and 25 million people a month use yahoo!'s music site in north america.

This is about yahoo!

Trying to monetize that.

This is music.

These are concerts.

They -- part of the beauty of the concert is seeing it live in person.

Maybe hopefully at home you get a really good speaker system on your computer.

You people really want to watch concerts on their computers?

Is there real potential in this business?

It is pretty unclear as of now.

The dance music festival has been extremely popular.

Bonner rue -- bonneroo has online views, and people watch for an average of 35 minutes.

That is not the norm.

Other concert series -- people only watch for 25 minutes online.

Even big-name artists have a hard time attracting viewers.

The hope is that viewership will grow.

There are about 2000 live music performances that stream online every month.

That figure is pretty staggering.

That is according to irocky, a search guide to concerts.

That is the hope for yahoo!

As it tries to expand proprietary content.

From expansion to downsizing.

Microsoft is planning its

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