Yahoo's Core Business Still Struggling: Gillis

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- BGC Partners Technology Analyst Colin Gillis discusses Marissa Mayer's first year as head of Yahoo with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

So, marissa's one-year anniversary, what grade would would you give her?

This issue of giving her a grade right now is the initiative that she is put into place.

We don't know if they are going to work or not.

1.1 billion for a company that has reported revenue of around 13 billion.

They have billions of page views on behalf of the demographic that is missing.

The company can monetize that property, keep that audience intact.

It will become part two.

We have spoken to several experts.

They want more, would you agree?

They have done a nice job of articulating that she wants to be part of the daily habits for people.

You check your mail, weather, sports scores.

Maybe you check your stock portfolio.

Yahoo would like to be part of your daily habits.

She has done a fantastic job of reenergizing the employee based, bring in new employees, and also articulating to investors where she wants to be as a company.

This is ahead for the company.

The reason is because of the excitement in that yahoo japan.

Because of that buyback, which, by the way, is coming to an end.

Speaking of the acquisition spree, can they buy talent?

Will they say for the long-term ? if you have gone out and bought a lot of small failed companies and you don't keep that talent intact or if that talent does not produce or change your situation in mobile, which right now is very poor, it has not worked.

They have done 10 deals already, she did 20 deals.

She is clicking these things out.

They have that on the balance sheet and people are excited about the assets.

Revenue will be flat this quarter.

We will see possibly an eighth consecutive quarter where the number of ads sold have declined on the display advertising business.

This is very much a struggling property.

What do you make of the video conference call that they will be having russia mark -- that they will be having?

We will see if we get some product demos.

Think about what apple has.

They have their worldwide developer conference which is a showcase for them to show products.

Google has their conference, microsoft has their conference.

Yahoo has not done an investor day in quite some time.

With the videocast, maybe they can get a chance to give us a sneak peek at some of the things that are happening.

You think that one of the biggest opportunities for yahoo search.

How so?

Search is one of the areas -- let's start with display.

They have two businesses, search and display advertising.

Unfortunately, the prices for display ads continue to drop.

It is like the per share price execution for trading stocks.

There is automation, there are trading desks, exchanges.

Google has become a major force in display ad.

Search is a multimillion dollar business, but unfortunately they don't control the backend.

They do control the front end and it is such a powerful opportunity for them that they can generate more relevant ads and placement of the ads on their homepage.

This is a revenue stream that

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