Yahoo Review: Measuring Marissa Mayer's First Year

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines the first year for CEO Marissa Mayer at Yahoo as the company prepares to report second-quarter results today after the bell. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Let's go to jail and ehrlichman, following yahoo!

From l.a. this morning.

-- let's go to jail when ehrlichman, following yahoo!

From l.a. this morning.

She decided to bring a product managers and talk more about some of the different initiatives we have seen from this company.

Maybe she had that option because the stock performance has been great.

But you can look back at the last year and get a sense of where she's trying to get this company.

70 acquisitions, and absolute terror on the m&a front.

A lot of them are small, but they're trying to bring in talent on a bigger scale.

And tumbler is one of their big products.

They're getting rid of big product that did not make sense.


Has a lot of stuff that they're pretty good at, but nothing we are hitting home runs on.

What do we do?

It raises the question of what kind of home runs they will be hitting and marissa meyer's second year.

A big part of that performance is tied to asian assets, and as the berkeley alibaba.

A lot of the credit might go to a group, -- and specifically alibaba.

A lot of the credit might go to a group and not just marissa meyer.

Revenue could end up being worse this fiscal year than last fiscal year.

She has talked about doing a better job in search.

In the next 12 months and expect that to be a key priority for her.

Better ways to find -- to make certain relevant and finding money in that.

In have news for you, facebook and google are doing a pretty good job of taking dollars away from yahoo!

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