Yahoo Profit Beats in Boost to Mayer’s Turnaround

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Michael McKee examine the turnaround plan of CEO Marissa Mayer at Yahoo as the company topped analyst profit estimates for the third quarter. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Earnings outside of washington.

Yahoo reported third-quarter results yesterday with ruffin sells beating estimates but they are down from one year earlier which underscores some of the challenges that yahoo faces given that google and facebook are making money off of this transition to mobile and yahoo is trying to play catch-up.

They still have not articulated why you want to go to the yahoo site as opposed to other people.

Where do they do well?

Marissa mayer has done a lot as far as shoring up talent and sprucing up some of the existing properties.

She has made some acquisitions to be from their mobile application but in terms of giving people real destination, that has not really paid off.

What people are saying is that she has made it a more attractive place to go to for talent and users but that engagement is not translating into revenue.

We could have had this trance -- this conversation for years ago.

Except we have seen the stock rally.

That's fair.

Is that because she is doing something for yahoo or because yahoo owns another company worth more than they are?

Ali baba, yahoo owns a 24% stake in that.

Ali baba makes up about half of the yahoo revenue.

In best practices basis, she has a degree in symbolic systems, whatever that is, from stanford university, did a tour of duty from "vote bank is in" but none of this matters -- vogue magazine.

People are wondering once this ali baba ipo comes to pass and yahoo takes the money, what will it do with the money?

It could potentially avoid a big tax bill if ali baba lists in the united states.

Where will it employ that cash?

That's a short-term thing.

Acquisitions are likely necessary to really contribute to meaningful growth going forward.

The 19 companies she has bought for more than $1 billion will continue.

Does that mean they think they can compete better with google outside the u.s. than inside the u.s.? they have not shown an ability to compete at all.

They think it comes from

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