Yahoo Goes on a Shopping Spree

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- B. Riley & Co. Senior Research Analyst Sameet Sinha discusses Yahoo's Marissa Mayer's strategy to acquire new talent at yahoo. He talks to Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is a strategic move she is making.

The focus is getting the right employees that can furtyher her strategy.

She spoke about social and mobile, these are areas that they need expertise.

After she has joined, we have heard anecdotally that talent wants to move to yahoo.

This is one of the reason she can acquire that.

This is just part of the trend.

Essentially you just answered my next question.

Is this just more about getting the right kind of talent onboard?

As far as yahoo and how it compares to other acquirers, yahoo is paying top dollar.

It has telegraphed the market that it is willing to spend.

This compares to amazon, which is also an acquirer.

They are looking at the market with a budgetary eye.

How do you think this affects yahoo's future?

I think she is doing what most other tech companies are doing created -- are doing.

What she paid for tumblr is not only the expertise and talent but also the media.

I would put that in a different bucket for most of the other acquisitions that she has made.

She is making these acquisitions.

She is building up her data.

The difference between iaci and other companies, iacia wants to build a business in energy.

Those thing should have a much faster payback vs.

What yahoo is looking for.

We thank you for the time.

We have ab reak t -- a break to take.

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