Yahoo EPS Stronger Than Expected

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports Yahoo earnings and the reasons behind the numbers with Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Than expected particularly on earnings-per-share.

The adjusted number, $.46 and $.38 is what they were looking for.

We will go through the numbers as they cross but a big earnings surprise.

Revenue is pretty much in line, less than 1% lower.

38.7%. in other words, the new yahoo!

As envisioned by marissa mayer seems to be working.

To be able to be by about 30% on the earnings line assuming these are apples to apples comparison.

Revenue out with quarters in a row of no revenue growth.

That's about managing wall street.

If your revenue is not growing out all -- i will look at how earnings-per- share ended up so much better.

That's interesting.

Intuitively, you would think yahoo!

Would be a place that people would want to go and hang out.

It is lots of interesting things to clicked on versus google which is basically putting in your search term.

In terms of search, it is such an uphill battle for them.

We do not say that i will yahoo!


We say we will google you.

When you become the verb.

They have to put so much money into the content.

It cannot be cheap.

She was not.

I think we may learn more about that if we see the actual number there.

Will that equate into collects the?

-- into clicks?

It's one of the most important things on the web and elsewhere, not just getting the person there but keeping them there.

That's why they bought tumblr.

Hopefully they clicked through.

I think it is improving with china and the alibaba ipo.

You don't think they have benefited from marissa mayer being in the seat and the excitement?

We have the survey that would track you up about attract and ceos and the premium they get.

There have been so much excitement down such a story around here that it seems to be easy for the community.

I think nothing of the best for that company and it's an important place in silicon valley but they have a big product problem.

They spend billions of dollars in acquisitions to acquire a lot of traffic that maybe is not all that great.

The stock has benefited from alibaba.

And the profitable ipo given that yahoo!

Owns a portion.

Collects the notion that the ipo will be big and help with the share price but clearly from the revenue, we are not seeing big changes in business.

Something that is not up in

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