Why Yahoo's Mayer Dropped COO After 15 Months

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on the possible reasons why Henrique De Castro is leaving Yahoo. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is someone that marissa mayer has known for a long time.

She knew what she was getting.

Opening wrong and mark it has a lot to do with performance.

In the world of sports, you see these high-profile signings and then the performance is not great.

The code has to say, do we sit the person or continue playing them just because they have a big pay package?

The decision by marissa mayer was to say, i will go with the team that i have.

Yahoo pastorius has been one with a lot of positives.

They have been red hot marissa mayer have done a lot of interesting acquisitions.

She has brought in fresh talent.

They have brought in people like katie couric.

They have a very valuable asset in alley pop up.

A lot of people -- in alibabba when you look at their online performance, you do not see a lot of change.

When they last came out with their quarterly results, there was disappointment among analysts about performance full top there was a decline.

In the most recent quarter, 420 million.

The story has been a similar struggle.

The search relationship between yahoo and microsoft, they are still trying to figure out how well that works.

The bottom-line is that google is the big search engine in that category.

He continues to be dominant.

Yahoo is trying to figure out its story.

The performance is not there.

De castro is not there either.

Let's talk about the people she has added in the last year.

Who are today, and how does she fill this role?

She likely feels ok with the team in place.

Maybe there is not a need to find someone else because of the people who been taking larger roles.

Ned brody, who came from aol.

Jack reese is, who is playing a large part in the strategy.

Can goldman, the senior player on the team.

He has that cfo role.

These people, they are definitely in her inner circle.

What is interesting is that sometimes you bring in new people and say, we will do something differently, but yahoo has gotten rid of someone who was doing what de castro was doing.

Now he is gone.

It is a tough business.

The castro -- de castro is

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