Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Doing a Good Job: Lerer

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Lerer Ventures Managing Director Ben Lerer comments on tech headlines on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Eye-catching headlines.

We want to get your take on some of the eye-catching headlines out there in the media world.

I have a couple for you.

We have a top five.

One of them is marissa mayer.

"we are not satisfied with yahoos earnings." we know you have written a lot on marissa mayer.

What do you think?

I think she has taken over a tough job.

But since she has been there, the stock has done well.

And i believe that they have a lot more work to do, but i am pro-marissa mayer and i think it was a smart higher for them.

It was the silicon valley ceo that you truly admire?

I think jeff at lincoln -- linked in has done an amazing job.

They have not stumbled.

They have been under the microscope.

You think they have been underrated?

I don't know that they have been underrated.

The stock has done well.

The stock has done well and they have not had any big conflicts.

It just works.

He has done a gracefully.

Another silicon valley ceo is christian writer, ok cupid.

"we experiment on human beings." they did what facebook did.

They did a test to match up people who algorithms said were not good managers -- good matches to see if they could spur conversation, and in fact, they did.

I think the reason people use ok cupid is that they get a match that the algorithm says is a good match, so it is a bit of a disservice.

But he said, get over it.

I'm a huge believer in get over it.

Everybody should get over it.

I think it is fine and they should move on.

Would you do it, too?

I don't know that it would make much sense in our business, but we test all the time.

And you don't like you need to tell anybody?

No way.

Testing is part of the world.

How about uber, far more than just right.

They have always talked about how uber is not just a limo company, but a logistics company on some level, getting things from point a to point b. they have done the things with the ice cream truck's or the helicopter.

Or the uber wedding.

They are always doing something interesting and fun.

The underlying premise that it can be more than a car service is really interesting.

I think the user case around the car service is big and powerful on its own, though.

I know you are a mets fan.

I am.

Your family are minority owners in the mets.

They have joked about being poor.

I don't know what to think of that.

I think the mets are more careful than other for -- other franchises about how they spend money and sign players.

I think that there is an opportunity now to maybe go and sign a few big deals.

We need a left fielder.

I think we maybe need a shortstop.

There are a few positions we could do some work around.

But generally speaking, i think they have been smart in the past few years and how they spent.

It is a joke that he is making, because the team clearly has deep pockets, but it just does not waste money.

And the last one is you, actually.

You made a headline in inc.


My make or break decision.

What was that?

That was an article where we decided to move into -- nice picture, by the way.

What is it?

So, god, hope no one can see that.

We went from the strip a media business to an opportunity to drive transactions with our users.

And we acquired a company called jack fred.

We realize there was a new opportunity to build a bigger kind of media business.

It was a good decision.

We will talk more about your business.

Then lehrer -- and then lehrer -- ben lerer will be back with us.

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