Xbox One vs. PS4: Which Console Is Selling Better?

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Cliff Edwards breaks down the opening day sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which shipped one million consoles in the first 24 hours, and the increasing competition in the home gaming market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

For us, how well did it do?

There is a really lively debate about that.

One argument is that they launched in 13 countries, so they should have done more.

I think, really, what the issue comes down to for microsoft is the severe supply constraint.

They made a note of noting that they pretty much sold out in every location.

Why would there be supply constraints?

They have been preparing for this for years, right?

You would think that they would have enough supply.

I am not sure why.

As we saw from the breakdown analysis there is no -- nothing special about how they are laying out the machine.

I think the issue may be the connect -- connect -- kinect itself.

The playstation for launched in just two countries, i assume more countries are coming for sony.

They will be launching in another 30 countries on friday.

They have basically said that they are feeling pretty good about their supply issues and they have not had many issues in terms of product defects or anything like that as well.

So, they seem to be doing pretty well and they will be launching again in the weeks after that in another 10 countries.

They seem to be well supplied.

What does this mean for the future of the industry when sales are shrinking?

It shows that the console market is not dead, quite alive and well.

When the wiiu sales were so weak for so long, but nintendo even has argued that they will be coming for a comeback once they get their major franchises out there.

What does it mean for the wider gaming industry?

So many different dynamics going on there.

Newly leadership, where is all of this going off of the tumble we have seen?

Because there is so much -- the fragmentation is what causes us all to wring our hands, but what it shows you is that this market is huge and growing and we are starting to see that now.

People are not committing themselves to one particular platform.

They are looking for different types of games with more interesting play and they are willing to look anywhere.

What about the sales of games themselves?

Doing pretty well.

If you look at the analysts forecast this year, it is expected to be about 118 billion dollars next year, 120 $6 billion after that.

It is a pretty large market that is growing.

Cliff edwards, thank you so much for bringing us that update.

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