WWE Launches Around-the-Clock TV Network

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- CJS Securities’ Daniel Moore and Bloomberg’s Edmund Lee discuss the new online network launched by the WWE that gives viewer access to pay-per-view events, original programming and archived content. They speak to Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” Moore does not own any stock in WWE. (Source: Bloomberg)

Doing this on a crucial cable platform.

This is because they couldn't or are they choosing to go straight to digital?

I think they are choosing to go straight to digital.

They still have some pay-per-view stuff so they are not entirely gone.

I think it's a way to hold onto more of that dollar.

You do pay review, your satellite guy cost you the same but the satellite gets a fortune of that.

This way they get 100 are sent.

So you are going to put it in an xbox platform?

Or wrote to.

Amazon is forthcoming.

Nine dollars and $.95. it's a deal.

You see where i am going.

Is depressing for american civilization that someone will pay $120 a year to watch 2000 hours of the vw he?

But it is a better lu for the pay-per-view plus other content.

It is a good deal for people who are really into it.

All over social media people could not log on because they were oversubscribed.

There is a lot of interest and we have seen it right now.

They have sent out tweet saying they are up aiding their system.

Wwe is such a famous or infamous brand.

It is instantly recognizable and has a core audience and very big following.

If you are going to david in the platform and host a cable model, do you need to be a brand such as wwe?

In many ways, yes.

To be one of the first and to be one of the leaders, you need that credibility.

If you are not writing for ace pot on the dial, you're fighting against aliens of other destinations online.

They are trying to cement deals about where they show up in the box.

The other element is netflix struck a deal with conch -- with netflix -- netflix struck a deal of comcast, that's the direction they have to go, even if you have to go over the top.

You might have to end up paying them anyway.

Who is the audience?

Who is interested in fake theatrical redneck wrestling?

I just don't get it.

It's not very manly because it fake.

More than a third of the audience is women.

Over a third is 50 plus.

It skews younger than some other major for -- other major sports franchises.

Under 18 is about 25%. it is incredibly broad-based and it is very international.

I guess little kids would like it because it's kind of like a cartoon.

But then you stop at a certain age.

Is it less educated or less affluent?

I would say it skews slightly lower but not in terms of education.

They just re-upped with b-sky-b. it's popular in the u.k., ireland, india and indonesia.

The contract was three times greater than the prior contract they had.

But ultimately, this is their future?

Also overseas, whether in the u.k. or asia or places like india, it's the only way to get a lot of that any way.

It really is fascinating.

There cross promotion capabilities leads them to be the perfect ones to jump off and disconnect from cable and satellite.

Like thank you very much will stop i never expected to see

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