Wrapping Up a Busy Week in Tech

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on the busy week in tech on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It has been a tech bonanza this week.

Bloomberg news editor cory johnson has been on all of the major tech news that has been issued out alongside earnings.

Let's start off with google and their results.

Googles earnings-per-share can sometimes be confusing because the company will have really big swings in what they will do with things because of r&d. the numbers to look at are some of the interior numbers.

Revenue growth, 14%. accelerating revenue growth rates.

That is impressive.

The google basic website is seeing improving results.

We are also seeing improving results on the number of clicks the company is getting.

Mobile ads get less revenue per ad than ads on the internet or the desktop.

But we're seeing so much more of them.

We are seeing continued growth the google.

The following ad rates of mobile are not going to look so bad at some point.

Clearly, mobile ad growth is growing tremendously.

On the ibm front, after the inked their deal with apple, their sales continue to fall.

Let's talk about the ibm results.

These results require some analysis and understanding.

This topline number.

We see ibm as a company that is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking some more.

The sales line on a year-over-year basis of been declining.

Going all the way back to the end of 2011. we have not seen any sales growth in this company.

They have been buying back shares like crazy to improve earnings-per-share.

That is really not actual growth.

We're talking about increasing gross margins perhaps.

I want to point out something that people miss.

Ibm changed their tax rates.

22.3% per year before.

20% yesterday.

You might be thinking, big deal.

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