Would Wall Street Back a Tea Partier in 2016?

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Former George Bush Campaign Aide Terry Holt and Bloomberg’s Max Abelson examine Wall Street’s White House dating game with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Wall street are these republicans really looking that hard already?

I wish i had come up with the phrase dating game but it was from one of the sources themselves who talked about it.

They said it's like dating.

I think it was jack oliver who said you are not ready to get married but you are starting to have first dates and people on wall street are really frustrated with where things are now.

I think they are very excited to find someone perfect.

Terry, why are they so frustrated?

I think they are because they married in amateur.

The obama administration has been pretty schizophrenic on business issues.

They come out with a lot of hot rhetoric and the tech wall street and use it as a punching bag.

At the end of the day, they sort of saddle -- sidle up to them and ask them for advice and for their money.

I think the community in general is looking for more reliability and more consistency and someone who is not going to throw a lot of rhetorical punches in the process of formulating sound economic policy.

Did you feel like these were real names thrown around?

A year ago, it seemed like jeb bush was in the mix but he seems like in the background and so many guys were outspoken about their love for chris christie.

What will they do?

I was surprised to hear tea party names,. i assumed this would be pretty pure like jeb or maybe mitt romney.

We found important wall street guys who are willing to sit down with ted cruz and there is just in marco rubio.

I found so much anger and so much fury about obama but in the middle of my reporting is when dave camp came up with this or postal to tax the big banks and he is a republican.

It's there to bring up the point that wall street guys might be for democrats.

Bill ackman was at the party for obama last night.

The kicker is a guy pretty close to charles and david coke said it they nominate a tea party person who does not appreciate capitalism, he would look at hillary.

Is it possible that the wall street people max has been speaking to are citing the tea party names as potential white house candidates because they made the mistake with mitt romney and now they are trying to find a candidate who they can sell better to the rest of the country?

That might be part of it but i honestly think ted cruz and rand paul understand the power of the financial potential on wall street.

They are courting themselves.

The guys that have the name id will bubble around in the world and see a lot of people.

I think that experience will be a big factor in who they choose.

You want somebody who understands the executive function of the presidency and the power it has and understands the macro economics of running the country.

I agree with the analysis that hillary clinton is a viable candidate for wall street.

Everybody knows her and she is very consistent and has the experience.

She is going to be a powerful candidate so republicans cannot take the business and economic world, the wall street world, for granted.

There are people who love the clintons.

If hillary clinton becomes a candidate, you could get a lot of big republican fundraisers.

At the end of the day, we mentioned ted cruz in marco rubio -- i think ted cruz's pretty clear that he is not a fan of gay marriage and wall street people are among the most socially liberal people you can talk to.

I think wall street people seem annoyed by some of the social politics of some of the people they otherwise would be dumped about.

Kimye overstate the fax that ted cruz's wife -- can we overstate the fax that ted cruz his wife works for goldman sachs.

? a much more important point is that goldman sachs is among the top five career contributors to bothcruz and rubio.

Aren't they also huge contributors -- you cannot look at those two in a bubble.

Goldman sachs has supported a ton of other politicians as well.

That's true and a few years ago, wasn't wall street the biggest contributor to obama?

Hedge funders loved obama the first time he ran.

That's an excellent point.

There is some parallels between barack obama and ted cruz that are not so inviting.

This is a guy without very much experience and has a very big personality and he grabs hold of people's attention just like barack obama.

At the end of the day, he did not understand the big world.

We have seen that with president obama.

We might wind up seeing that with ted cruz is as well.

You need money to run campaigns but money in and of itself does not win elections.

How much is wall street guilty ofnavel gazing and not understanding enough about the political system?

They have to be able to win at least iowa and new hampshire and south carolina.

They have to be able to carry two of the pre-election events to be viable.

Some of these names might not get there.

The subtext is that the internal battles going on in the republican arty.

If you talk to mainstream folks or people running businesses around the rest of the country, there is a real fight for the soul of the republican party.

You guys have covered that.

I believe that money is what gets you to the table.

It makes you viable but ultimately, you have to have a vision for the country and you have to have a consistent reliable approach to how you will formulate economic policies.

Everybody will be looking at that.

The tea party guys will get a look but whether they get a second look is a different thing.

Great conversation, thank you

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