Worldwide Tablet Shipments Forecast to Slow

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- IDC Research Analyst Jitesh Ubrani discusses global tablet sales with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West". (Source: Bloomberg)

Now growth next year.

They are predicting a 22% deceleration that will slow over the next three years.

I am joined by the guy who makes the guesses.

The escape.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate it.

I am blown away from the growth rate of tablets.

You're saying growth rates are falling off just as fast as they came on.

Quest that is right.

Thank you for having me.

The reason we are really seeing a slowdown is because it is approaching maturity and is likely in the early stages of that.

There are some market that are actually seeing a decline as well.

It is largely because of the adoption of large cell phones.

They make for good replacement.

They act as a phone, as well, as they replace a small tablet.

People do not see a need to buy two to -- of these.

They would rather just buy the one.

I managed to leave my ipad on top of my car early this money.

Presently, sitting in the middle of a freeway in a few different pieces.

I wonder how much of the sales we are seeing already, our replace in sales and replacement cycles as opposed to new sales.

We are seeing tablets replace a lot of pcs.

As you might know, the pc market has been on a decline for some time.

It will be that way going forward.

Tablets will help replace some of the pcs.

Is all.

I'm thinking more about in terms of what percentage of tablet sales today in 2013 are replacements or upgrades from tablets sold in 2010, 2 thousand 11, in 2012. i do not have the exact numbers there.

We expect that has slowed down.

Initially, people were buying tablet and keeping them for one or two years erie they seem to be hanging on a little longer but i do not have the exact numbers.

It seems like some of the data we have in for pcs sales -- they will buy devices every other year.

A smartphone one year ended ipad the next year and a piece he the third ear therefore stretching out the lifecycle of all of these devices.

Is that what your research is bearing up not just in tablet space but when we look at pcs and smartphones as well?


People are hanging onto their pcs for much longer.

They continue to do other activities.

And they are using tablets and smartphones to supplement that experience.

It is an additive experience in that case.

30 seconds.

Microsoft put a big yet on the surface.

If you are saying the market has grown to what it will be, is it too late for microsoft to find a new market that has not already been discovered by apple?

I would not say it is too late.

Both apple and microsoft are increasingly focused on the productivity aspect of tablets.

These devices are acting more and more like pcs.

They are trying to focus on that part.

I would not say microsoft is out of luck at all.

They are late to the game and we

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