World Loses Faith in Gold as Prices Plunge

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s David Ingles reports on why investors are moving away from gold which has seen prices falling 25% since the start of 2013. He speaks to Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television’s “First up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They're losing faith in the precious metal.

They're looking at the damage.

I was wondering when people start to rethink taking the precious out of the precious metals.

It was only silver and corn.

Is a confluence of factors.

They were there to push it up, whether it was inflation or the crisis.

You have holdings of central bank.

Whatever the reason may be, it is that gold has been easier to get into.

I mentioned etp.

The holdings are in terms of metric term -- tons.

Debar a look at what is happening with some of the big players.

You would think that would carry into some of the etp's which are ruled by some of these non-hedge fund players.

You can look at it for something to think.

They have cut by half.

We're looking for this.

They have this complete.

If you look at the forecast for next year, 14 survey.

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