World Cup Sponsors’ Goal: Global Brand Awareness

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Lou Aversano, Chief Executive Officer at Ogilvy and Mather New York, talks with Betty Liu about the marketing power of the World Cup as advertisers use the games as a global platform to promote their brands, how the negative aspects of the game, including protests, can impact sponsors and the importance of the increasing popularity of the sport in the United States. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Brand loyalty raid 45% ran -- plan to buy merchandise.

62% pay attention to the brands that sponsor them.

Joining me is the ceo of ogilvy new york.

Great to see you.

Good morning.

Tell me about the other major events, the olympics, for instance, how big is this core brand, how sticky is that for brands to be in the world cup?

This year is the greatest show on earth for brands compared to four years ago, in terms of viewership in south africa.

Already today, brands are saying social activity surpass what happened four years ago.

It was not as popular.

How are the brands exactly is in social media?

A couple of key ways.

To keep the activity going.

It is a month long i today.

The brand has to keep itself relevant and engaged with its consumers and target them for months.

Social activation is a great way of doing that.

It allows brands who are not sponsoring to take advantage.

If a brand pays as much money to sponsor the world cup, they have to differentiate themselves from other brands who go online and take advantage of non-sponsoring.

What about the issue of the negative side to all of this.

The protests on the streets.

The social unrest.

And also the racism that some of the players have encountered.

Showing the ugly side of brazil.

That has got to be a very dangerous territory for advertisers and brands.

Brands go through these issues any time to get close to a country, social unrest, and they have got to hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I'm sure every brand is sitting there with plan b, plan c, plan d and what to do.

[applause] -- [laughter] there is an emerging middle class for what brands have to say.

It is an opportunity for brands to matter and take a role to help.

The risk is there, but the reward is bigger.

It is what you do with it and how you engage.

In the u.s., we are not huge soccer fans.

Your children are.

But we are not big soccer fans.

You are not getting a u.s. market when you're advertising the world cup.

You are seeing 43% more of engagement in terms of investment in the u.s.. the time zone works for brands this year.

As i look at the world cup for brands, we see greater anticipation -- participation.

I think will be a big year for the world cup.

Thank you so much.

The ceo of ogilvy and mather new york.

On monday, i am talking to entrepreneurs who have changed the game.

Golf shot tracking software the that puts real-time data that the pros get into the hands of everyday, average players.

I will be talking to the inventor of the soccer ball that is bring light to developing countries.

30 minutes of play with the ball can power a light for up to three hours.

Monday at 8:00 a.m.

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