Women Should Consider Tech to Build Career: Brunner

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Heather Brunner, CEO at WP Engine, talks with Alix Steel about the challenges for women in technology and what her company is planning to build near-term growth on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

I got it yesterday and am on level 8. do you play?

I do not play candy crush, my kids do.

What i am addicted to is foreign heroes -- is farm heroes, the sister game to candy crush.

I am at level 37, you have to pay to keep going.

Are you going to pay?

I think i am, i am really enjoying it.

It is something to have fun with my daughters.

My nerd weakness is settlers of catan.

Back to the real business, you are ceo of a tech company, we are seeing more women in technology.

What is it like to be in the space as a woman?

There has never been a better time for women to be in technology than right now.

With all the incredible opportunities technology companies provide, it is a dynamic space.

You do not have to be a computer scientist to be in technology.

You can be a salesperson, accountant, account manager.

People of all types of disciplines build a great company, women should consider and look at technology as a place to build a career.

What has been your biggest challenge, as a woman or a ceo of a company?

The big challenge for me as a mom is striking the balance between the passion i have for what i do and the demands of building a fast-growing company with the balance i need to have in terms of being present for my family.

From a technology perspective, it is how do we stay ahead and predict and do what phase begins doing, disrupt yourself and anticipate where markets are going.

Really focusing not only on running the business but changing the business.

Speaking of, you just went through another round of financing.

What is in your near-term?

Our near term is for us to double down on building out our platform.

The secret is our platform technology.

Enabling wordpress sites to perform better and be business ready.

We're going to be doubling down efforts on innovation to advance our roadmap and platform.

Second, we are going to be focused on advancing our customer services.

We are seeing more and more enterprise customers interested in working with us.

They demand more attention, they demand help with best practices.

They want to have more services and we went to build the right teams to deliver on that.

Heather, thank you.

It was a real pleasure to have you.

Ceo of wpengine.

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