Why Aren't More Women Starting Businesses?

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Corcoran Group Founder Barbara Corcoran discusses women in the workplace with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Big in the stock market.

-- participating in this job market.

Why you picked a different career bid stephanie -- then stephanie, working in wall street . we went in different ways, but we are both girls.

You have to wonder why so many women are driven to barbara's industry.

Real estate, finances.

Real estate you see many, finances you do not.

Corey walked onto a trading floor, and said i have a lot of people who look and sell like me, i guess i can do it.

Women see others like barbara, who got into the real estate industry, that they can say i could do it.

I started in 1997-2010 but there was a shift.

You have to have a very similar skill set.

It is about trust.

Throw out what the numbers are sega but it is about can you trust someone?

Corey did a good his salesperson that they would is the best idea, and say that stephanie ruhle told me to invest in the red is about understanding customer, emotional d'este motion of it.

When it comes to dealing with your customer, it is always about trust commanded a business.

There is no exception to that, if you're bored to build a business for yourself.

What is missing here is when you're in your business, you have to get a guy on top of you to trust you.

When you're in my business, all i have to do is trust -- get my customer to trust me.

The real question is why are not moral been creating their own businesses -- more women creating their own businesses?

Women have kids, have to leave the workforce, yada, yada . the imbalance does not have to do with women anymore, especially when they talk about other things.

Work-life balance does not have to do with women anymore, cory is apparent is like i am.

There we aren't -- we are not in a situation more word is a father's role, or a mother's role.

I am interested in terms of how difficult it is for a woman to start up her own business.

More than 50% of all new businesses today are started by women, and the reason is ability of time because they do have children.

They make their own hours, they work when they want when they could do it at the cottage and grow it into something big.

Why is it that women are not starting technology committees?

-- companies?

They are almost absent from that field, and that is a big place to make money today.

We have been talking about sites about, and girls uncertain age do not push as hard -- at a certain age to not push that hard into the industry.

I have two little girls combated very -- girls, and i am pushing them for anything i see.

In this day and age, your daughters do not identify roles of women and men, and that is new.

That is not the case when i was a kid.

? they're going to have a certain notion of there is a place of the world for them.

Barbara, people must tell you every day that you're it is bracing for them.

Not followed sack leader first steps -- not following exactly her footsteps, but saying that she didn't, i can do it.

One of the three things should isn't it right out to be in your position in 10 years?

The best time to do it is when you are young, when you do not know any better.

When you get a terrific education, what it really happens is you become analytical.

Analytical has nothing to do with building a business but it is violating under feed.

About landing on your feet, bouncing back up, shake your head and moving on.

Why not say they will work for yourself?

No one is doing that with the girls, they do the boys, but not the girls.

How important it is to be willing to fail.

Able in your -- people in the young 20s about tenacity, hard work that is what you have to offer.

Say you will run into that brick

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