Wisconsin Energy to Buy Integrys Energy for $9.1B

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Wisconsin Energy said it will acquire Integrys Energy Group for $9.1 billion in cash, stock and assumed debt. Holland & Co Chairman Michael Holland speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Components were railroads and utilities.

The people's gas, light and coal company, wisconsin public service and minnesota resources, north shore gas company, and the upper peninsula power company, this is a mouthful, called inter-grid.

This is all one big roller.

I think that this is another 17% premium with the private market value.

Do i want a bigger utility dividend, with lower dividend growth, or do i want bigger dividend growth and a smaller dividend?

Utilities are -- over the last five years, for sure -- the reality is you want a more rapid growth, you don't want to be worried about inflation again for other reasons and the reality is that you want growth with a smaller dividend that can multiply dramatically over time and beat inflation.

Utilities, i am blown away by this, the single best group in the s&p 500. what is it?

Is it the low rates for longer, so dividends become the focus and utilities can support your operations?

What is this?

Part of it is what we were reading this morning, the industry is buying things and being more efficient and improving operations overall.

People are looking for the yield, which is the largest part of the story, the continuing search for yield.

We have a closed and company -- people have reached for yield for years now.

I have to ask about another headline in the news today.

Bnp paribas with a nine point $5 billion record on this case.

Is is going to be part of the global bank?

Moynahan -- this is just an ongoing saga.

There is this incredible rush to get away from them -- with the ongoing saga, can you buy shares in these banks?

Jpmorgan -- this is ok but

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