Wine and Cheese Delivered in Two Hours

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Lasso President and CEO Braxton Woodham discusses the company's food delivery service on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Startup is delivering wine and cheese for free.

We have wine, we have cheese.

A little bit of bread.

This is the business, delivering wine and cheese?

I'm interested in this because there is this big question going on in the world of technology whether it will be amazon, walmart or it will be vertically focused.

Talk to me about why wine and cheese?

Who want to focus on where it is a small company and we can compete with other players and work with the margins that work.

Wine and cheese, we can get margins that will allow us to provide free delivery and other aspects.

Those are substantial.

Double the price.

What do you work with?

Hours are over the net but they're still pretty healthy.

As we work with more makers, it will improve.

Do you carry inventory or do you have deliveries from other companies?

We try not to carry inventory and we makers and merchants.

You are sourcing directly from the makers?

That's right.

I mean makers and margins that do things like put together the platters themselves.

In this case, they put them together.

They work with cowgirl creamery and other makers to do this.

This is all local cheese ranging from cow and sheep cheese here and the breads from here.

And they are selecting the lines.

How do you imagine this?

What cities are you thinking about?

Major markets right now, just the wine and beverage market alone gets to 200 billion.

If you look at california alone it is about 20% of that market.

I focus on california first.

It could be a lot easier.

Los angeles is spread all over the place.

You have these delivery zones.

We have the zone for downtown.

You will have santa monica zone, the hollywood zone.

What exactly are you doing?

Is a settling something on the grid?

This was to optimize the delivery routes to bring your costs down.

We think the delivery costs will plummet.

These are reaching get six deliveries per hour.

Those deliveries increase.

Is there a technological capability that you have to do that in not exist five years ago?

You see people doing the driving just around the mobile phones.

There's a lot of sophisticated status seen around this, around failed deliveries.

People were not home, those kinds of things.

You need smartphones deployed in cars to make this work.

What are you doing now?

We are just incensed is gone now.

Do you have a rollout plan or will it af wine equine and cheese?

We will focus on geography first.

We have a huge demand from the peninsula.

We will also focus on the east bay and the north bay and we will move to los angeles as fast as we can.

Staying focused on the wine and cheese?

For now, definitely.

What do you do about this problem?

Is it legal?

This varies by state.

We have a lot working on this.

You have to have the signature.

You have to put the money into an escrow account and the license vendors to take their money first and those kinds of

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