Will We See the Fed Begin to Taper in September?

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Stanford University Professor John Taylor discusses the FOMC rate decision with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Came out of the fed meeting, will the fed be slung purchases in september?

Will we see what everyone has been calling tapering?

Use all witness in the numbers -- use a weakness in the numbers.

Maybe a bit aobove expectations.

The inflation rate was down.

If anything, that would postpone the decision out based on the way they have been talking.

You are right.

They have been quiet and have not tried to tip their hand one way or the other.

They are trying to be a little more quiet.

So much talking in the last few months is causing a lot of market turbulence.

There had been some signs of stronger job growth.

Unemployment is still at 7.6% rate with those numbers, what is the next move?

Continued bond purchases at their current level?

Or lower them to 65 billion dollars a month?

The best guess is that they will lower them with tapering down as you say.

Big into action to stop sometime next or previous always emphasized that it is an to need on the economy pre-so far this year, the economy has done quite poorly.

It is actually done worse read the opus of this is going to pick up read hope is that it pick up and they will start to taper.

Professor, the fed noted that inflation has fallen persistently below its two percent target.

Could the fed's bond purchases stop inflation from falling?

That is what they are hoping.

It really hasn't made much difference.

I think the problem they are finding with these bond purchases is that they sometimes distort the markets are little bit.

It is hard to price bonds.

It is causing uncertainty.

Most people look at it now begin to say this may not work.

This is on the thing we need to get gdp growth up, and to keep inflation stable.

Will the fed statement -- the kansas city -- she's is a good have an adverse affect on the market and increase the risk of a bad reaction.

She's making good points.

They need to listen to that.

It is not just her around the world.

She is the only one is voting that way.

I think the main thing i would worry about is the downside risk.

The uncertainty that is caused by defective this kind of policy has never been tried before.

The concern about how it will actually be unwound and removed is causing uncertainty.

Those are wise things to be looking for and taking account of the overall committee makes her choice.

Is one of the concerns the fact of people do not know what a market reaction would be when this wine down doesn't fact again?

Is one of the concerns i've had for a number of years.

When you get into these programs, when you have never done them before, you have to come out.

The hit that they would come out , the term or 19 mentioned -- that chairman wernick you mentioned -- that chairman burningernake mentioned.

Professor, why hasn't there been any progress in addressing the labor slack in the economy?

The policies are what is causing this labor slack.

We have had such a slow recovery.

Unfortunately, in the new data that came out today, it confirmed that.

Recovery from the recession has been slow.

Job growth and hiring is low.

I think the problem is that there is been a policy not dressed, no tax reform people want.

The debt has been confusing.

The growing debt.

All of these things add up to be a drag on the economy.

I'm afraid that's what you're seeing now.

The commerce department reported today that the u.s. economy grew more than projected in the second quarter.

Is that an aberration caused by the new formula used to catholic gdp?

Is it evidence the economy is in fact weathering the higher taxes?

What it is not due to the new definition.

It is not due to the new definition.

The overall growth rate is not affected by that much.

It is the level.

What you are saying here is the slow growth.

The second quarter under two percent.

In essence, that is not due to the sequester.

It is due to other things that are affecting the economy.

It should be a concern.

Cap 32nd slippery but are your thoughts on what appears to be the the localization -- the appointment is all right and political -- i think that is what is so unusual.

The part on both sides of the isle.

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