Will We See a Nuclear Deal With Iran Soon?

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses a possible deal that would break the decade-long stalemate over Iran’s nuclear work. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Richard, are we overstating the case?

The change in tone out of tehran has changed completely.

The new president is a pragmatist.

The last one was impossible to deal with.

Now it is a pragmatic, professional discussion.

There is a possibility of a temporary agreement or suspension that could lead to more permanent agreement.

How advanced is the program really?

We don't think they have a nuclear weapons yet.

They are enriching uranium.

They're working secretly on a nuclear weapons design.

They don't have a bomb.

The experts estimate that they could have it in one year or so.

What do you say to the skeptics?

They have good reason to believe iran will not act in good faith.

There are still lots of problems with their behavior.

They fund terrorism in lebanon.

The devil will be in the details and how they follow through.

Is that when the israelis are freaking out?

For one, they are in the region.

They're right there.

This is a country that denies their existence and sponsors terror group that attacks them.

They feel it much more closely than the united states.

And they do not have a seat at the table.

This is the five members of the security council and germany.

The prime minister is on record -- he is against it.

The israelis want know when richmond and a dismantlement of the existing program to produce enriched uranium.

What is on the table is a cap.

Not a dismantlement.

Assuming you are an optimist and you believe in this deal, what is he wrong getting and giving up?

Sanction relief.

They bite on the financial sector.

They have about $30 billion to $50 billion in assets that have been frozen abroad through a series of international sanctions.

Some of that could be unfrozen.

Their economy is in big trouble.

The currency is in freefall.

It has gotten worse in the last 2 years.

Because of a tightening international sanctions.

Does the deal increase or decrease the chance of an israeli strike?


For israel to act alone when the united states is that the table is an even harder task to sell.

It doesn't reduce the risk to zero.

What about the saudi's and the chinese?

The chinese are being quite neutral and letting others take the lead and not letting others -- objecting.

The saudi's are unhappy.

Secretary kerry was in saudi arabia and one of the big issues is to prevail -- persuade them that there would be at -- would not be a deal done against their witches.

There was a historic -- wishes.

There is a historic animosity.

The last prime minister was a barrier to negotiations.

What about barriers here?

Are there some and senate or congress?


This will be a hard sell.

If the sanctions are passed by the senate and the congress, this deal will not happen.

Any chance that israel's prime minister is not that freaked out?

That is always how it is in diplomacy.

You don't necessarily show your real hand when you make a statement.

He wants to mobilize his friends in the united states mainly, the pro-israel lobby tuesday on his side.

To not let president obama do a deal which he believes to be against his interest.

Good of you to join us.

The possibility of a deal with the iranians over nuclear

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